Top 3 Reasons We Want Wireless VR

It's time to go solo and cut the cord. Here are the reasons why!


Last month, we talked about how Valve Software and QuarkVR are working together to create a wireless VR headset. We’re moving closer and closer to their release of a prototype wireless headset.┬áLet’s look at 10 different reasons why wireless VR will be important to you and your VR workout.

1. No More Tripping


If you already own an HTC Vive, you’ll know that you have to be tethered to a PC. It makes sense: VR demands a lot of computing power. Companies like HP have already tried to get around this problem by putting the computer on our backs.

But without that pesky wire in the way, you could twist and turn to your heart’s content. You won’t have to worry about tripping over yourself anymore. The only limitation left would be the size of your room. For fitness, you want your full range of motion.

2. It Opens the Door to Standalone Headsets

Anshel Sag/YouTube
Anshel Sag/YouTube

One of the biggest criticisms VR technology receives is the high cost of entry. How can your regular Joe afford a VR workout if a headset alone costs hundreds of dollars? That doesn’t include the cost of having a machine good enough to run VR programs. It’s a heavy investment not everyone can make.

But, as we move away from the wires, we can focus more on headsets that stand alone. While the technology isn’t there yet, eliminating the need for a heavy-duty computer means that all of us can afford a VR workout.

3. Wireless VR Means a Social VR Experience

Wu Yiyao/China Daily
Wu Yiyao/China Daily

For most people, experiencing VR with your friends equates to sitting around and watching one person on the headset. As it is currently, VR can be an activity you do with a group of friends, but it can’t be called a group activity. This fits into fitness as well. How many group classes have you taken at the gym?

But that could change with wireless VR. It doesn’t have to be a lonely venture into virtual worlds. Your friends could jump in with you and all of you could be immersed together. Hong Kong’s “Immersive Fitness” experience tries to do this, but the reality is closer to AR than VR.

Looking Forward to Wireless VR

Valve and Quark’s prototype will still rely on a PC in order to function. The technology relies on WiFi to transmit the data from the computer to the headset. This solution isn’t perfect.┬áConnections can always be broken, and VR requires a lot of data. While that is true, this possible gamechanger helps keep the future of VR bright.

-Osmond Arnesto

Have you seen a really cool VR experience that you thing we need to know about? Leave a comment below so we can check it out!


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