Top 4 Best Mobile VR Meditation Apps for Your Mental Fitness

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Meditation can help you feel better about your day, improve mental clarity, and can help get you to sleep faster. If you want to learn meditation, how to improve on what you already know, or simply just want to chill out, you’ve come to the right place.

The Right VR and Mobile Gear To Use

You don’t need a fancy Oculus or HTC Vive to use mobile VR mindfulness and meditation apps. Open the door to meditation by using VR-friendly smartphones that are compatible with the Daydream View headset and the specific phones that are compatible with Samsung Gear VR. Or use Google Cardboard with other Android smartphones (check for app compatibility in the Google Store first) and even iOS enabled smartphones.

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Below you will find the best mobile VR meditation apps to help you transcend your mind so you can reduce stress, be happier, and feel empowered to tackle whatever comes your way.

1. exVRience relaxation

Are you really pumped up after using VR to exercise and need to calm the adrenaline rush? Surround yourself with beautiful Australian landscapes in 360 degrees of viewability. You’ll be surrounded by relaxing lagoons, waterfalls, and ebbing waves. There are 6 guided meditations so you won’t have to think to do it. Listen to soothing music or add up to 40 of your favorite songs to help you unwind or restore your energy. Add a fireworks show to enhance your surroundings or add birds and butterflies to make your favorite mindfulness spot into a more relaxing space.

Developer/Publisher: exvrience

Compatible with: Samsung Gear VR with touchpad controllers

Price: $2.99

Link: exVRience relaxation

2. mindZense Sleep

Are you worried you won’t get enough sleep? Are cycles of brain chatter keeping you up when you should be in dreamland? Use this meditation app to gently guide yourself to a relaxed and sleepy state by listening to flowing binaural theta beats. These musical beats are specially designed to untangle stress and anxiety while promoting sensory messages that induce feelings of serenity. Let yourself get taken away to a peaceful ancient lily pond as the day transitions to night. Wake up feeling more rested and able to take on challenges that life throws your way.

Developer/Publisher: Minditorium IVS

Compatible with: Samsung Gear VR, Cardboard, with touchpad controllers

Price: $4.99

Link: mindZense Sleep, mindZense Sleep

3. House of Meditation

Do want to improve your focus at work, school, or in life? Do you want to feel energized instead of sluggish before you start work or school, or after you get home? This VR mobile app will relocate your mind to a realistic looking Tibetan room, to the sky where you’ll be floating, or to a secluded tropical beach. You’ll get help in maintaining a consistent breath with geometric virtual objects that will move as you breathe. A perfect start to the day, mid-day pick-me-up, after workout cooldown, or an end of the day stress detangler.

Developer/Publisher: CEREVRUM Inc.

Compatible with: Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, Google Daydream, with touchpad controllers

Price: $6.99

Link: House of Meditation, House of Meditation

4. Relax VR: Rest & Meditation

Go on a mini-vacation to Australia, Portugal, or the Philippines with this meditation app. Be guided through a Yoga Nidra meditation experience as you listen to ambient music and nature sounds. Visit beaches, the Northern Lights, mountains, cloudscapes, and waterfalls to get in touch with your inner self again. Improve your overall energy levels by becoming aware of your breath and how that helps you to conquer the things you think you couldn’t, like that to-do list or exercising using VR.

Developer/Publisher: Now VR

Compatible with: Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard, Daydream, with touchpad controllers

Price: Free for Gear VR, $1.99 for Cardboard, $3.99 for Daydream

Links: Relax VRRelax VR, Relax VR


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