Every year, a list of scary movies or scary video games come out for their individual platform. Since VR has become so pervasive in today’s media, we’ve decided to gather the best Horror VR games that are specifically designed to give you a thrill. Here are our Top 5 Halloween VR games for this year.

1. P.T. Silent Hill VR

If you want to stay sane and your stomach full, I’d suggest you’d stay away from this game. You are in an infinite loop, continuously travelling down the stairs only to enter the same room. The only difference is that each time you revisit the room it has become more disturbing than the last. Between hauntings and chopped up organs, this game will have you screaming or crunching your face in disgust at least once.

2. Dreadhalls VR

If paranoia is what gets you, then this game is absolutely perfect to get your Halloween Scare. With the loud sudden sounds, looming shadows, a candle that lights your way but slowly goes out, gargoyles and skeletons that move towards you when you look away, and a haunting ghost out to get your soul this game has made many cry, Markiplier being one of them.

3. Emily Wants to Play VR

Emily Wants to Play is a jumpscare type of game for those who want a VR spin on Five Nights at Freddy’s. Four dolls in all, they will try to come at you in different ways and you must time your actions correctly in order to avoid them. For instance, the doll you first meet is one that only stays still and then goes away when you stare at her. However, the third doll you meet requires you to move immediately to the next room. So, what happens when they both come at you? The entire point of the game is that this is Emily’s cruel way of playing with you.

4. Dead Secret VR

Most of these games rely on the jump or the gross, but some of us prefer a good case; something that we need to solve. Therefore, Dead Secret is the game you want to look for when it comes to crime, murder, mystery, and horrifying things.

5. Affected (Original or The Manor, either one will do)

The Affected VR games give you more than one option to go with on the computer and The Manor on other systems. If you’re out for a jumpscare type of game that builds suspense before hand, then this is going to be the perfect game for you.

These are five of the best Halloween VR games currently out this year. Next year may have some different games, but these are the best and they’ve made at least one YouTuber scream in terror. Now it’s your turn to join their screams in Horror VR.