Virtual Reality has opened up a lot of possibilities for us but it has especially opened up an entirely new avenue for Sports and Fitness. No longer does one have to dream about riding a motorcycle up a turnpike when all they have to do is put on a headset and do the same thing without the fear of death. In this little repertoire of games, I go through the current Top 5 Sports Based Games to let you know what’s out there.


HoloBall is the cult classic of the bunch since we’ve had a PC version of it for years, but now we get to see it in Virtual Reality. HoloBall is the Virtual Reality re-envisioning of Curve Ball. Naturally, such a fast paced game mixed with the physical mandate to move would make this an excellent game, but what “sport” is this? It’s Ping Pong! This is the escalated, wacked out form of Ping Pong and it does a great job at making those bullets of sweat keep on coming.

Knockout League

Knockout League is a Triple A game in every sense of the title even though it is still in early access. This is the top game for boxing because the punches are fluid, the knockouts make sense, and the A.I. has style. This is a game that I’ve remarked about in the past before because of how short it is and it seems my voice has been heard as the latest patch on the ninth reflected in the addition of training drills but the community is still asking for a free mode. It’s so good that the community and myself are asking for a way to play longer, that’s how good it is.


In the class of archery, the best game has to automatically go to HoloPoint and while it may be easily one of my favorite VR games, that is not why it is a top game. It has an A.I. that gradually gets more difficult, you never upgrade your weapon, and the game never takes away from the fact that you must be a master archer to make it into the final stages. Not only this but the developers heavily involve themselves with the community.

The Golf Club VR

While there may not be a review of it yet on this website, this game removes the last bit of fitness out of golf but, then again, golf wasn’t really about staying in shape. This is an incredible game with great graphics, the realistic feel of golfing on the range, and the ability to explore courses that would otherwise be inaccessible in real life. This is the best golfing game in the virtual space for sports.

Fancy Skiing VR

When one thinks of sports, skiing usually isn’t the first thing that comes to mind, but it is very much a sport much like any of the other sports except that there’s a chance you could die from it. As odd as the title may seem, Fancy Skiing is the best skiing vr game out on the market for several reasons. The graphics are top notch, the terrain is not standstill and obstacles will present themselves in a moment’s notice, and you will make the similar motions in comparison to the real sport.

These are the Top 5 Sports Based Games of the virtual world. While this may be the top right now, this will likely change in the future so be sure to come back and check out the new games that make the top lists.