Top 5 VR Updates to Games

VR is always evolving and here are the best updates you need to see!

This is a top 5 list that will certainly pick at the hairs on a games’ scalp to see if some radical changes have happened. A lot of people realize that an update can either be a bug fix or be something that completely changes how a game is played. Warframe and World of Warcraft are great examples of games making radical changes via updates, but the virtual world has seen some interesting updates of its own so lets check out what upgrades happened to completely change the way a game is played and how this ties directly into fitness.

Arcade Saga Fracture Multiplayer Update

If you have played this game in the past, then you will know that Fracture is the fun part of this game. Sure, the other parts of the game do well for making the game pan out even more but Fracture is the longest game mode and is just you with a bat. Oh wait, no it isn’t because now you’ve got to compete with your fellow players to get the high score. If you’ve ever played any sport then you know that the way you play completely changes when other players get involved and adding competition to mix of fun that Arcade Saga’s Fracture Multiplayer is a great way to turn something casual into something intense.

8 Bit Arena VR Live LeaderBoard Update

Following the pattern of competition, how about knowing in real time whether you are beating another person or not. After each round, the scores of the Leaderboard are updated immediately rather than logging out and then logging back in. This helps to push you hard in playing the game more to get the best score before you pass out from exhaustion.

Protonwar 0.20HF4 Update

I know that we developers come up with odd Github repository names, but we don’t actually let the public see that weird name so excuse the strange number. Beyond that, the update provides an interesting networking solution that may change how other games are played on Steam. If you are a Steam user, then you know how much of a pain it is to be locked out of being able to access your games when you have no internet. Perhaps you even know that Steam provides its own networking solution, which is almost as bad as the one EA provides. This update allows you to bypass this and this is important for potential mobile Steam games, which will eventually come to smartphones if Steam wants to own the entire game market.

In this same update, movement control was added as an experimental feature, which means you can physically swing your arms in order to gain movement. This is a feature that has been recently cropping up as a solution to the issue of not being able to physically move around in game. With both of these features, this game definitely deserves to be here as having one of the top VR updates.

Cloudlands: VR Minigolf Level Creation Update

VR games that allow level creation are practically unheard of and while golf may seem stress-free, so was Mario until the public got ahold of being able to create levels. Now that the public can create their own levels and share them through the Steam workshop, this will undoubtedly mean that minigolf just got a whole lot harder.

Vanishing Realms Massive Update

The game was already fantastic in the eyes of many, but this update was what brought many of the unbelievers over to the dark fandom. This update provided a hard mode, so if it was too casual for you then you can upgrade to feel like you are fighting a raid boss each time. This update also came with new areas to explore and, the best part, new enemy animations to take a game that was already moderately hard and make it even harder. Since the game requires the use of your entire upper torso at nearly all times, this means the sweat just started pouring more.

These are the updates that came out for VR games recently that completely changes how the game was played and intensified the fitness one could get from it. Personally, Vanishing Realms would have to be my favorite out of this list simply because I like my fantasy, but what did you think of this list? Let us know down below if we missed an update you think completely changed how the VR game was played.