Tower Tag, a multiplayer VR PvP game from VR Nerds, launched to the home market at the end of May and now players have an opportunity to participate in the Tower Tag Summer Cup 2020 with a prize pool of $1,700 cash, two bHaptics TACSUITS, and of course bragging rights.

Gameplay in Tower Tag much like futuristic laser tag as each team tries avoid enemy fire, eliminate opponents, and capture towers across an immersive map in virtual reality.

Competition will begin on June 19 and extend through July 5 in the Tower Tag Summer Cup. Registration is open until June 19 and currently has been capped at 32 teams. If there is enough demand, brackets will be expanded to accommodate additional teams.


Traditionally many teams for Tower Tag were formed through local VR arcades. While this is likely again in the future, currently players who are enjoying the game at home can form teams through the Tower Tag Discord server.

If you’d like to participate in the tournament, join the server, introduce yourself and arrange some matches with others. Look for competitors with complimentary play styles, see if you mesh well, and then form a team. There are others on the server who are looking for additional players as well so you might be able to join a team already in development.


The 4v4 Tower Tag Summer Cup will use the elimination game mode and qualifiers will be played in regional groups. There will be a final knockout round to determine the winner.

  • 4 v 4
  • Elimination game mode
  • Qualifiers in regional groups
  • Final KO round to determine winner


The tournament will include cash prizes as well as two bHaptics suits (value $500 each) for the winning team. Prizes will be distributed as follows:

  • First place: 800 €
  • Second place: 400 €
  • Third place: 200 €
  • MVP of tournament: 100 €

Haptic Option

For players who want to enhance their immersive experience with haptic elements, they can purchase a bHaptics TACSUIT and Tower Tag blaster. Tower Tag is natively integrated with the bHaptics products and it definitely increases your sense of presence to feel that impact as it’s taking place in virtual reality.

Credit: bHaptics

Where to Watch

Tower Tag is LIV integrated so any player can potentially stream their matches. We recommend that competitors stream their practices and matches so others can follow along their journey and hopefully their path to the championship round. Streamers should tag the game and if you search for Tower Tag on YouTube or Twitch, you can find matches to spectate. You can also watch on the VR Nerds YouTube page.

How to Participate

Once your team is ready to to participate in the Tower Tag Summer Cup 2020, visit the tournament website and register before Friday.