Even though there are plenty of games and experiences in the virtual reality space that can help keep you active, sometimes, it’s more difficult to find an application that you actually enjoy thoroughly. While games like Beat Saber and Supernatural have become popular with wider audiences, occasionally, you have to dig around to find some hidden gems.

Enter in Towermax Fitness’ aptly titled Tower Workout, which looks as though it could make for one of the most sweat-inducing routines yet. Tower Workout places you on top of a virtual tower where if you continue to get better, the tower grows higher. The game is essentially a shadow boxing exercise where you’ll be tasked with having to punch certain targets while dodging out of the way of others.

The goal then is to get your own tower as high as possible before your session then ends. Towermax even challenges the most hardcore of users to try and reach 50 meters in height over the course of a 50-minute session, in something it calls the Tower Challenge.

While playing, you’ll have to utilize various forms of punching that can include a cross, hook, and uppercut. Additionally, you’ll have to also occasionally perform other activities such as squats, running, and dodges. And if you have an HTC Tracker at your disposal, you can even get some kicks in, too.

Much like other games in the VR fitness genre, Tower Workout also allows you to utilize different tracks from Soundcloud to listen to while in the game. Sessions are also incredibly customizable and can feature different backdrops so that you never have to feel like you’re working out in the same static environment.

One example of this that Towermax Fitness recently showcased is an arena in which it looks as though the sun is rising on the horizon. This potentially makes for a great routine to utilize if you’re someone who likes to get active in the morning.

You can find a brief video showing this locale in action down right here:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=us28nieJn5o]

While Tower Workout might just sound like any other VR application, Towermax makes clear that this routine is no joke. In fact, the official website for Tower Workout suggests that users have some sort of background in shadow boxing or engage in regular activity before giving this a shot. “Beginners are welcome for sure, but have to be very careful,” says a description on the site. So if you’re out of shape and are looking for some entry-level VR exercise, perhaps this isn’t the best place to begin.

That said, there are beginner courses that Towermax encourages prospective users to give a shot, too. The Tower Workout Basics course can even be done with a group of up to four people where an instructor will aid in walking you through playing the game. These sessions last for an hour and can be signed-up for on Towermax’s website.

So how do you give Tower Workout a shot, you might be asking? Well, unlike most other VR games and apps on the market, Tower Workout isn’t something you’ll download via a platform like Steam or the Oculus Store and then install to your given device. Instead, you launch the routine directly from your own Internet browser.

While you are required to use a WebVR or WebXR-compatible browser (which includes Supermedium, Firefox, and the Oculus Browser), if you visit the Tower Fitness site you can get directly into your own Tower Workout in no time. It’s a bit different from most other games on the market, but the barrier of entry is definitely lowered as a result. Best of all, there is no price to pay whatsoever and you can sign-up for a membership that will give you plenty of added benefits for free.

For now, Tower Workout is only compatible with HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Oculus Quest headsets. For more info about the game and to find all of the other mentionables from this article, you can head to the Towermax website by clicking right here.