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Hold onto your heads! Jousting Time has made its way to Kickstarter this week and is accepting donations until Wednesday, May 2nd in an all-or-nothing round of funding. With a goal of $23,267 Trebuchet (the studio, not the catapult) is going to need community support to turn their existing game into a polished version of itself.

What is Jousting Time?

Credit to: Trebuchet/Jousting Time

The studio that brought us Prison Boss VR has now created Jousting Time, a multiplayer, competitive and social jousting VR game set in a medieval arena. Players set off on a duel against competitors to see who can strike or injure the other player first or knock them off their rocking horse completely.

Players face off in rock, paper, scissors to choose their weapon of choice – a mace, lance, ax, sword, bow and more. Once players pick their weaponry, they’ll face off and gallop down the dusty passageway and race towards each other to decapitate the other player or injure their avatar. Once decapitated there’s a declared winner, but if there’s a body shot taken there’s more jousting to be done!

Jousting Time isn’t just a player vs. player game, it involves the people around you with spectator mode. Their spectator mode gives outside viewers a seat at the arena as an actual character that can throw popcorn, cheer or boo whoever’s playing with emotes. This takes social VR and immersion to a whole different level when they involve people without VR access to interact with virtual players.

Benefits of Funding

Funding on Kickstarter is tier-based and will run you $10 to $1,250. Supporting Trebuchet’s Jousting Time will get you access to lots of cool loot and has a minimum to max contribution perk that gives you access to the beta. The higher up the tier you donate, the more loot you get. People who contribute the most can get named as “King” in the credits and get exclusive in-game armor and weapon skin set, along with access to the alpha and beta testing.

The game’s team explains that once they meet their initial Kickstarter goal, they’ll be funding additional stretch goals or “fun ideas that we’ve shelved for lack of funds”. So, the more funding they get, the more fun features we can expect to see in the final product.

Watch the hilarious Jousting Time Kickstarter video below.

Fitness Benefits

Jousting Time’s gameplay mechanics work like this: hold the horse reins with your left, hold your weapon with your right, and yell at your goofy steed to go faster. This is easy to understand, but when you get to aiming and stabbing, slicing, or maiming as you’re riding a horse it gets more challenging.

This game uses melee combat weaponry so it’s going to be using upper body coordination and strength to aim and attack. While the legs will see movement when you’re dodging away from getting your head knocked off.

Other games you might like that are medieval themed and use melee weapons are In Death (Sólfar Studios) and Sword Master (Master Indie). Play these VR games while you’re waiting for Jousting Time to reach its full potential.

Watch real gameplay of Jousting Time here.

Video Credit to: VR The Gamers via YouTube


Jousting Time’s closed beta is estimated to be in July of 2018 and is going to be compatible with Oculus, Vive, and Windows Mixed Reality headsets. Spectator mode will be available for PC and Mac computers and expected to be mobile as well. The studio also has plans to make the game compatible with PSVR after more funding is secured. Trebuchet is aiming for a Steam Early Access date for November 2018.

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