Viro Move, the game powering the first global VR fitness challenge, is coming soon to multiple VR platforms. It packs in a variety of different mini-games to get you moving, and if you’re still on the fence, you can play a free demo right now.

Move in more ways than one

You can play the demo for Viro Move using the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Valve Index. Down the road, the game will be releasing for PlayStation VR and Oculus Quest, as well. The game was built from the ground up for fitness, hence its use in VR fitness competitions. It toes the line between a fitness application and traditional game, and can fit players from most experienced to newcomers.

There are several different virtual weapons to choose from in Viro Move, all designed for separate games. You can punch it up with boxing gloves, slash swords, or wield a gun. No matter the mode, you’ll be moving and trying to burn calories. These are calculated through the game’s own algorithm and you can view past data to help work toward your goals.


Using the “Weapons Master” feature, you can also dynamically change weapons during your workout. This will keep things fresh and encourage you to keep working hard, and there are five different environments to switch things up.

A special “Hot Seat” mode lets friends get in on the fun, too. Using this mode, you’ll pass the headset to others to see who can perform the best. We do recommend having some disinfectant or wipes on hand, however, as it will likely be very sweaty.

No final release date has been set yet for Viro Move, but the game will be updated regularly with new challenges and tournaments. You’ll not only have to beat your own goals, but also other people who are playing.