Credit to: HappyGiant

As an adult, do you reminisce about the good old days of donning a laser tag vest and hiding behind pillars to stop getting zapped? I know we do! HappyGiant and Jido Maps are bringing us a new game called QuasAR Arena, a mobile AR game that’s a throwback to the laser tag from our youth, but without the clunky vest.

Laser Tag Outdoors

Credit to: HappyGiant

Instead of spending time indoors, the creators of QuasAR Arena want you to get outside in the sunshine and play smartphone laser tag. It’s a two-player mobile AR game that is expected to get up to 4 player support and spectator mode at some point.

The game is set to have ejectable energy spheres, special projectiles, and shields to block incoming fire. Laser taggers won’t be using their phones like hand-held laser blasters, but play by tapping on the phone screen.

Players that aren’t afraid to look a little goofy tapping on their mobile screens will get a kick out of this game. The tapping isn’t as awesome as a Nerfed up laser blaster would be, but will do to get outside for a bit with a co-worker or friend.  

Tapping to launch energy spheres and defense shield in a park or backyard or putting up a takes skill. Players have to make split-second decisions, have quick reaction times, and good timing to shoot, block, or dodge these digital spheres. Each match of QuasAR Arena is timed, so add the pressure of scoring on your opponent and you’ve got a competitive AR game.


The only critiques I have of this unreleased game is that there is no mention of special abilities, floating AR structures, leveling up of spheres, or cool-downs. Having special abilities like a freezing or multi-shot sphere would be a cool addition. Having floating structures or things to hide behind can add extra excitement and opportunities to create more challenging gameplay. Leveling up spheres could add bonus damage or slow healing. Cool-down warnings and timers could keep laser taggers on their toes and make gameplay more strategic.

ARKit2’s Role and Potential

Charlie Fink from Forbes says that Jido’s real-time environment scanning uses “AI to translate objects detected by its proprietary computer vision into dimensional objects defined by their relationship to other things, rather than the various methods of creating a mesh or point cloud. Like those systems, Jido’s SDK also allows for persistence and solves the multiplayer limitations of current AR technology.”

Apple’s ARKit 2 site defines persistent AR experiences as “AR experiences that persist between sessions, and can be resumed at a later time.” The ARKit2 is able to detect 3D objects like trees, buildings, rocks, and play structures. It’s also capable of letting multiple mobile users view what’s going on in a game in real time.

I suggest adding AR objects to collect, structures to hide behind, turrets to destroy, or secondary characters to take shots at in different locations to make the game more vivid and immersive. Adding more interactive features than solely launching spheres and blocking can really put their tech to the test.

Walk and Play AR Game

There are tons of augmented reality games like Jurassic World Alive, NBA AR, and games that haven’t been released yet, like QuasAR Arena that are getting people walking and moving. Have a little time to go on break? Ditch that donut and coffee and go outside with a co-worker, friend, or family member. No one around? Start an AR group for people to meet up and play on certain days.

Walking, parrying, and dodging, even in small strides, is great for the lungs, heart, circulatory system, and stimulates muscles. Also, doing anything physical is better than shoving a donut in your mouth. You don’t have to walk 19,019 miles like George Meegan to see benefits, but getting out and walking or even chasing a friend with laser spheres can do wonders for your body.

Want to know about how it looks like in action? Watch the video below.

Where to Find QuasAR Arena

You can find QuasAR on the HappyGiant website, on Facebook, and on Twitter. Currently, it is an iOS game as it is now and will be released at an unknown date.