VR gamers from two Echo Arena community servers have partnered up for the Tyro Charity Cup to present a fun, friendly event designed to benefit charity. Open to Tyro players of all levels, 100% of proceeds will be donated to non-profits selected by the top three teams following the June 26-27 event.

The Tyro Mature Community was formed in the early months of 2021 as a place where adult fans of Ready At Dawn’s Echo Arena could come together to chat, party up for scrimmages, and create teams for those interested in competitive events. Mature players over the age of 18 can join the server and participate in activities.

“The Tyro charity cup, in collaboration with TT’s Bootcamps, seeks to provide the Tyro community with a fun, friendly weekend cup while doing some good for the world outside of the Echo Arena,” says Luc Gaylie, co-founder of the Tyro Mature VR Community.

TT’s Bootcamps was formed by Tommy Tai, a certified personal trainer who joined the Echo community with the October 13, 2020 launch of the Oculus Quest 2. Tai became involved with the community right away, participated in the Quest 2 Rookie Cup, and then became interested in providing training and mentoring for other incoming players. Tai and others in TT’s Bootcamp server are helping with marketing and promotion of this charity event.


Teams for the Tyro Charity Cup will randomly selected so players sign up individually through the Tyro server and team assignments will be announced this weekend. The event will take place June 26-27 so teams will have one week to practice together before the competition.

  • Event date:  June 26-27
  • Coverage begins at 9 am PDT / noon EDT / 1700 BST
  • 4v4
  • 3 rounds of 7 minutes
  • Double elimination
  • Open to EU and NA players

Registration to be placed on a team closes Thursday, June 17, but players can still register as substitutes until the event begins.

Prize Pool

Participants and other supporters can donate to the Tyro Charity Cup and all money donated for this event will go to support non-profits chosen by the three winning teams with the following distribution:

  • First place: 60%
  • Second place: 25%
  • Third place: 15%

Even if you don’t participate in the event, you can donate to the prize pool for charity here.

“I encourage everybody involved and those supporting to give what they can, be that $1 or $100,” says Kieran Barber, co-founder of Tyro Mature VR Community. “Every little helps so let’s do our best to club together, and do some good!

Where to Watch

You can watch the Tyro Charity Cup on Twitch starting at noon EDT on June 26. The event will be cast by Gaylie, better known as 1uc among the VR esports community when he’s on casting duty. He’ll be joined throughout the day by some community leaders who will co-cast.

Join the Community

Engagement with other VR gamers is encouraged throughout the VR ecosystem and you can find other fans of Echo Arena across social media.

Echo VR social media

Join the Tyro Mature VR Community or sign up for the Tyro Charity Cup via the Tyro Discord server. Register for the charity cup by going to the #register channel and click the appropriate emote.

For teenage players under the age of 18, you can connect with other Echo fans on the main Echo Games Discord server listed above or join one of the community servers. If you’re interested in providing training or helping mentor other lower level players, TT’s Bootcamp server might be a great fit for you!

About Echo Arena

Released in July 2017, Ready At Dawn’s Echo Arena is a staple in the VR esports ecosystem with a large and active playerbase, a variety of leagues and community events, and an invested team of developers. Players experience one of the truest sensations of immersion available in virtual reality as they move through a zero-gravity arena with teammates in an attempt to score on the other team’s goal.