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Clearing the mind, being mindful, meditation, or finding some alone time are different phrases that mean the same thing — taking some time for ourselves for some me time.

Have you ever felt your body and mind both decide that they’re both tired and it’s still early, had difficulty trying to fall asleep because of a talkative mind or worn out muscles? Taking a mini-mental vacation with ReMind VR: Daily Meditation can help with these areas of your life.

Revitalizing the Mind and Body

Credit to: Vive Studios

Some people choose to meditate on the run to get into the zone while others get their practice in by sitting, breathing, and focusing on something inside or outside of themselves for inner peace. ReMind VR is a new meditation app on Viveport that costs less than $5 and has short and sweet, customizable meditation techniques that go along with experiences like “Let Go”, “Drop the Habit”, and Infinite Lightness”.

There’s a famous hippie saying by Timothy Leary, “Turn on, tune in, drop out.” Instead of hitting the off switch on your brain and dropping out of self-awareness, which is something lots of people are prone to do when their mind is tired, ReMind’s 30-minute meditation experiences help flip that off switch back on but in a calm and restorative way.

The app’s “Let Go” experience promotes inner peace and relaxation by throwing paper airplanes off a skyscraper with a guided meditation. This is great for practicing letting go of the petty extra stuff that happens in our lives, which doesn’t just mean shrugging things off to forget about them, it means taking a break from the task at hand, negative or excessive mind chatter, and giving your brain a recharge.

Whether you’re looking for more motivation to conquer your workouts or if you’re working on clearing your mind of extra energy post-VR, the app’s “Drop the Habit” experience will help you get there. Skipping pebbles across a Japanese landscape, meditators will learn how to relax with a guiding voice that is sure to bring your mind and body back to a calmer state post-workout.

Have you ever felt like an octopus with flailing arms as you take calls, shoot off emails, and have to tackle fifty other things by the end of the day? Us too! The app’s “Infinite Lightness” helps give meditators a new perspective with a beautiful rising sun and sky on the horizon, keeping users in touch with their breath and their own inner peace.  

Benefits of Meditation

Anyone young or old and regardless of fitness ability can benefit from meditation or mindfulness. Simply sit back and relax and let the ReMind VR guides assist you on your own inner adventure and mini-mind vacation.

On the health and mental benefits, ReMind VR says, “Meditating in VR allows users to completely disconnect from their devices and household distractions as they become fully immersed in the experience. Virtual reality has proven to be a game changer in the fields of mental and physical health. With psychologists and medical professionals recommending the use of VR to treat PTSD and phobias to rehabbing injuries and stroke victims, it becomes clear that remarkable things can happen when you combine VR with the power of the mind.”

  • Have you ever walked into a room and forgot why you were there in the first place? Better yet, have you become so energized by VR that you need to regain focus? Meditation improves both memory and focus.
  • Life is a balancing act. Meditation helps to balance positive and negative emotions and also reduces stress and anxiety.
  • Are your muscles tired from lifting weights, cross fit, running, or exercising in VR? Whatever your fitness journey looks like we can all use a little self-care. Being mindful also reduces inflammation from age or intense workouts.
  • Are you so hyped up from that intense VR workout that you’re having a hard time winding down for sleep? Taking time before bed to be mindful or meditate improves quality of sleep.

Watch the ReMind VR trailer down below!

Where to Find ReMind VR: Daily Meditation

You can find ReMind VR by Vive Studios on Viveport for $4.99 and can play it seated, standing, and in room-scale.