vr valentines

Valentines Day is all about spending time with the one person you love and what better way to bond and get a little closer with your loved one than to enjoy some of the best VR games out there? OK. Maybe you won’t just be enjoying VR games this Valentines, but it’s a great fun way to start…really!

The Playroom VR – PlayStation VR

This is an “adorbs” game with little creatures that you get to control through various min-games. These mini-games allow the two of you to work together or face off against each other. One that will have you working together is the Ghost Capture mini-game, where one of you controls the gun while the other guides you to where the ghost really is. On the other hand, there’s the Dino City mini-game where you must

BOMBU – Vive

If you really want to get frustrated you can try your hand at BOMBU, which is a game where you face off against another opponent and the two of you stand on your own platforms. The point of the game is to blow your opponents platform up with bombs. The two of you throw bombs at each other, catch bombs that are throw at you, and hope that the bomb stays on the platform long enough to blow up a piece of it. Even better is that when the bomb goes off near other bombs, it acts like a cluster bomb and destroys a large section of the platform. Needless to say that this game will provide one frustratingly good time.

Raw Data – Vive


Perhaps those were too calm or not really bonding enough for you, which means it’s a prescription of Raw Data that you need. This game allows you to pair up with another person to fight off a horde of enemy robots as you steal data from an enormous corporation. This will have you turn around your lover, shooting enemies, and working together to survive the fight. It’s going to be an uphill battle and you could do it alone, but it’s a lot easier when you have someone to rely on.

Fruit Ninja – Vive

Who doesn’t love Fruit Ninja? This game is short and quick, which means you’ll be able to take turns seeing who can get the higher of two scores. While you may not be able to watch what’s inside their screen, you can certainly laugh when they stumble into one of the many obstacles in the room as they try to dodge bombs.

Sports Bar VR – Vive

If you’re the type of couple that has to somehow bond with each other from miles away or you just want to chill inside the VR environment for Valentine’s Day, then Sports Bar VR is the way to go. While it may not actually provide you with real alcohol, you can easily substitute as the two of you enjoy a nice game of pool, darts, or even air hockey. This is one of those chill out and relaxing games to spend some alone time with someone else.

In the end, it’s up to you what you want to do with your significant other this Valentine’s day but VR could really help close the distance some couples have during this day. Either way, I really hope you have a happy Valentine’s Day.