Virry VR Has Received Official Medical Classification as a Meditation and Relaxation Experience


On today, of all days of the year (especially for those of us in the United States), it might be smart to take a moment of reprieve. Fortunately, the VR space has a slowly growing library of applications and experiences that can help ease your stress. One of those apps, in particular, has now received a new classification that carries quite a bit of weight.

Divulged in a new press release, Virry VR, which is the nature-based slate of relaxation applications that includes Virry VR: Feel the Wild, Virry Safari: Wild  Encounters, Virry Happy: mindfulness in nature VR, has now received an official certification to add credibility to its uses. Coming from the European Union Medical Device legislation, Virry VR’s slate of experiences have now been identified as Class 1 Medical Devices. It has also been registered with the Medical and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency and has been CE accredited.

So just what does this mean for Virry VR itself? Well, it doesn’t change the experience in any way, but as mentioned, it adds a lot of credibility to the slate of apps and their purpose to provide users with a relaxing environment that you can meditate within. Basically, Class 1 classification just states that the device in question has a low risk to those who use it. So if you were worried that Virry VR could somehow prove to be detrimental for you, that shouldn’t be the case whatsoever.

Virry VR has also made this announcement during a time in which “millions of people preparing for re-confinement” and as such, “the need to care for one’s mental, as well as physical, health has never been more crucial.” With winter approaching for many regions around the globe, and some countries in Europe already entering lockdown once again to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus, keeping your mental state is going to be more important than ever before in the near future. “Tried and trusted – with so many digital health solutions on the market, customers can safely turn to Virry VR for their’s and their family’s well being needs this winter,” Virry said in a release.  

We’ve talked a lot about this in the past here at VR Fitness Insider, but looking after your mental health is just as important as it is to worry about your physical health. In a year that has already been tough for a lot of us around the globe, and the coming months looking like they could be getting even more difficult, it’s important to be cognizant of your mental state and its overall condition. Rather than booting up games like Beat Saber, Supernatural, or FitXR one night in the future, maybe give something like Virry VR a whirl to see how it works for you.

Earlier this year, Virry Happy: mindfulness in nature VR became the newest application from Virry to release and came to Oculus Go devices. You can learn more about this experience, in particular, by reading our dedicated article on it right here.