Virtual Athletics League (VAL) Season 1 opened with a global Space Pirate Trainer tournament in September. The Archangel Hellfire tournament just ended their arcade versus arcade showdown to TwitchCon. Read on to get the deets and the rest of the VAL Season 1 schedule!

Special thanks go out to Virtual Athletics League (VAL), HTC esports, HP Inc., SpringboardVR, LIV.

Space Pirate Trainer Winners

Congrats to the following Space Pirate Trainer (I-Illusions) tournament winners!

1st Prize:
@ryanthebennett – HTC Vive Pro + Vive Wireless VR accessory
Unreal VR Arcade: $500

2nd Prize:
@Kyle | RobotLove – $100
VRKade – Vive Wireless VR accessory

3rd Prize:
Damonte Hutchings – $100
Virtualities Arcade – $50

4th Prize:
@GR1M – $100

Archangel Hellfire Winners

Archangel Hellfire (Skydance Interactive) on Twitter has a picture of #HUMNX as the winner and was mentioned in Discord as the winner by admins. The tournament was a “face-off between the winner of the arcade competition vs the winner of the at home competition. The winners of the arcade tournament will be flown out to San Jose for the championship match at TwitchCon.”

1st Place:
HUMNX: @Outer Limits VR

Island 359 and Arizona Sunshine

The first-person dino shooter Island 359 (CloudGate Studio) and the first-person zombie shooter Arizona Sunshine (Vertigo Games) started their Global Survival Competition tournament on Friday. Shoot to survive an island full of dinosaurs and a world filled to the brim with desert zombies from October 26th until the 31st.

The catch: “Players must fight both zombies and dinosaurs in back-to-back rounds of Arizona Sunshine and Island 359.”

The loot: First place winner with the highest aggregate score will take home $1K, a spankin’ new Vive Pro, and a nifty Wireless Adapter to turn that Pro into a wire-free VR beast. With each game’s highest ranking score being rewarded $250.


The zero-g FPS game, Skyfront (Levity Play), is still in early access on Steam but is already seeing players practicing for its international multiplayer arena tournament. The VAL tournament gets started from November 1st and goes until the 15th. Arcades will host a 16 North American vs. 16 European arcade versus arcade style competition that pits 4 players against another team of 4.

The catch: Businesses sign up for Skyfront here. Please note that the international tournament “play [takes] place on Tuesday and Thursday nights.”

The loot: There’s $1500 worth of prizes to be won. With first place winning $500, a Vive Pro, and a cool Wireless Adapter. Second place gets $250.


The first-person archery game QuiVR (Blueteak) is VAL’s first global multiplayer competition. The games will begin on November 21st and go until the 28th. QuiVR is a 4v4 game, but official team details are TBD.

The catch and the loot: “Full rules and prizes for QuiVR will be released on October 21st.” and that “Arcades will again have the option of running a global high score competition or a dedicated family friendly holiday event.” Which means, check both VAL’s and the game’s social pages and Discord server for game and winner’s pool updates.


The FPS and tactical shooter game After-H (SmartVR Studio) is also getting an arcade versus arcade style tournament system. Games start on November 19th and will host a championship in December. The championship date is unknown at this time. However, we do know that the arcade vs. arcade tournament will involve 16 select arcades. After-H teams are 2 to 8 players on Steam, but tournament details are TBD.

The catch and the loot: “Our vision is to make VR arcades the home for future pro VR esports teams, with casters, dedicated Twitch fans, and sponsors for your own VR arcades.” The winning loot is not yet known. Check their Discord and social pages for updates and winner’s pool info. Businesses sign up for After-H here.