Virtual Athletics League to Host World’s Largest VR Fitness Summit


Virtual Athletics League has partnered with some of the largest names in VR fitness and esports to host a VR Fitness Summit that will feature a prize pool of $25,000 across a variety of tournaments and contests that will take place from September 3 through 12 with qualifiers for some events starting this week.

With over 40 studios and groups participating in events that will be broadcast on Facebook Gaming and other platforms, the VR Fitness Summit is a massive undertaking that could help the general public understand the positive impact VR fitness can have on health and well-being.

VR Esports

While the focus is on improving one’s physical health and wellness with VR, participants have an opportunity win some sweet prizes as well! With a combined prize pool of $25,000 across the various games, including $5,000 in the Topgolf Pro Putt competition, the VR Fitness Summit collaboration is the largest prize pool ever for an online-only VR event.

As with traditional sports, different types of VR games appeal to different people and VR game developers have been working diligently to create novel games as well as those that reflect traditional sports. There will be numerous opportunities to experience VR esports during the fitness summit with events that highlight an array of physical activities such as boxing, tennis, golf, dancing, and more.

For the VR boxers among us, there will be a Creed: Rise to Glory tournament for both PCVR and Oculus Quest players with prize pools for each and a collaborative tie in with FixXR.

Rhythm games are a fantastic and well-established part of the VR esports industry. With games like OhShape and Synth Riders, people are more likely to stick to a VR fitness routine because it’s incredibly easy to incorporate rhythm games into an incredibly fun daily exercise protocol in your own home.

Esports tournaments and contests will be announced individually throughout the week on VR Fitness Insider. Each day from August 10 through 14 we’ll tell you about another exciting VR esports event you’ll be able to participate in. You’re sure to find some favorite games among the list as well as a few new ones you should check out.

Speaker Topics

In addition to tournaments and contests, the summit will feature individual speakers and panels on topics related to VR fitness. Topics include how to create new sports through VR, sword mechanics in virtual reality, VR boxing, fitness through VR aerobics, and highlights from emerging VR fitness communities.

Summit participants will have the opportunity to attend a “Meet the Coaches” event from the recently released daily fitness service, Supernatural, join a social sharing campaign around getting fit in FitXR, and explore the world through famous bike courses using VZfit.

Participating Studios and Groups

The full list of participating studios and groups is below so be sure to watch for more news about them in the days to come.

  • CCP Games – Sparc
  • Superbright – In Death: Unchained
  • Cloudhead Games – Pistol Whip
  • Coinflip Studios – Ninja Legends
  • Cortopia – Wands
  • Cyberdream – Virtual Battlegrounds
  • Devster – Swords of Gurrah
  • E McNeill – Ironlights
  • Echo Combat Flamingo League
  • Enhance VR
  • FitXR
  • For Fun Labs – Eleven Table Tennis
  • Topgolf and Golf Scope – Pro Putt
  • Grab Games – Knockout League
  • I-Illusions – Space Pirate Trainer
  • Ian Fitz – Thrill of the Fight
  • Kinemotik Studios – Audio Trip
  • Kluge Interactive – Synth Riders
  • MarineVerse – MarineVerse Cup
  • Mighty Games – Shooty Skies VR
  • Mixed Realms – Sairento, Sairento Untethered
  • Odders Lab – OhShape
  • One Hamsa – Racket: Nx
  • Blueteak – QuiVR
  • Resolution Games – Blaston
  • Schell Games – Until You Fall
  • Secret Location – Blasters of the Universe
  • Skydance Interactive – The Walking Dead Saints and Sinners, Archangel
  • Survios – Creed: Rise To Glory, Raw Data, Sprint Vector
  • The Unspoken VR community
  • Triangle Factory – Hyperdash
  • Tribe XR
  • Truant Pixel – 2MD VR Football 
  • VR Fitness Insider
  • VR Health Institute
  • VZfit
  • Wenkly Studios – Elven Assassin
  • Within – Supernatural 
  • YUR

After Party

The VR Fitness Summit will conclude with an after party full of hype and entertainment featuring Tribe XR. There will be an awards show with medal awards for gold, silver, and bronze placements.

More Information

The Virtual Athletics League was founded by Ryan Burningham in 2016 as a way to provide arcade owners with a network of support for coordinated tournaments, prizes, etc. Although the league has evolved over time to encompass all VR users, the idea that VR esports is a revolution has continued to prevail.

If you’d like more information about Virtual Athletic League’s VR Fitness Summit, please check back here for daily updates as we’ll post schedules, articles about VR fitness, and information on various VR esports tournaments and contests that will take place during the summit. Also be sure to visit the VR Fit Summit website and register for your favorite game.

Celebrate Fitness and Competition during the VR Fitness Summit!