Credit to: Virtual Gym

Most virtual reality gyms work similarly to each other. You put on your headset and make use of exercise equipment for a more engaging and entertaining workout. Virtual Gym in Poland is taking things in a more experimental direction, and things are getting electric — literally.

An electric workout routine

Announced today, the Virtual Gym is located in Lodz, Poland, and it promises to revolutionize how you train. Along with a VR headset, customers put on an Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) vest. This vest puts electrodes all over your body, stimulating their deepest parts in order to more efficiently train. This is done without having to add or lift extra weights, which the gym promises will make it safer.

The gym also includes traditional workout equipment like rowing machines. The EMS vest doesn’t replace this equipment, but aims to make it more efficient. Training focuses on strength, as well as legs and glutes, and there is also special training for children. These sessions can be done between children and their parents and make use of VR games.

Another unique element of Virtual Gym is its “relaxation zone,” which features aromatherapy and air quality devices along with soothing VR simulations. It’s intended for use after a VR training session in order to calm your mind and slowly cool yourself back down.

Credit to: Virtual Gym

It will be interesting to see the effect EMS technology has on Virtual Gym’s customers, and if it can be a more effective way at building muscles. Of course, we already know the VR element will work, as it provides a more engaging and entertaining workout than you’d get in a traditional gym.

Virtual Gym will hold a special “The Future is Now” event for the gym on March 22. It runs until March 22 for those who are local and want to check out the technology. There are multiple plans available, and the pricing information is listed on the gym’s official website.