Credit to: Virtuix


Virtuix — creators of the Omni virtual reality walking simulation device — have managed to rack up more than 1 million plays on its Omniverse game platform. The platform is available in commercial locations, and the company has a few theories for why it has done so well.

Keep it simple

Because of the unconventional and “daunting” nature of the Omni, Virtuix discovered that offering fewer games through Omniverse would actually lead to more players trying it out.  In a post on the official Virtuix blog, the company said four games account for about 80 percent of plays. Of the games included, shooters, horror games, and kids’ games were the most successful. They’re certainly genres that can showcase VR’s potential right away.

The simplification extended to the games’ control schemes, as well, as was providing a solid framerate to prevent motion sickness.

Make it about the player

Virtuix also emphasized that the games themselves were ultimately secondary to providing an active and fun environment for players to compete against their friends. These have also helped to drive Omniverse games into the esports realm, providing a chance for players to not only compete in games, but get some exercise.

The latest game arriving to Omniverse will be Bull Runner, a simulation of Spain’s famous running of the Bulls event. Because you can actually run with the Omni, it will be your own legs being put to the test. Fail, and you just might get impaled on a bull’s horn!

Try it out

The Omni itself offers 360-degree gaming, and if you’re interested in bringing it to your business, prices for a two-Omni package start at $20,000. To run games from the Omniverse, you’ll also need an HTC Vive headset, and a PC. Recommended specs on the machine include 16GB of RAM and an Nvidia GTX 1080, as well.