Traditional stationary bikes can get boring, and boring exercises are rarely the most effective. More exciting and engaging workouts often lead to better results, and the VirZoom bike is a great option for doing so. According to a study by the University of Minnesota-Twin-Cities, VirZoom beats out normal stationary biking in several key areas.

Biking with purpose

The university’s School of Kinesiology ran a test where twelve college students exercises using two different bikes. One was a traditional stationary bike, while the other was on the VirZoom. The researchers examined a few different factors during the study, including blood pressure, “rating of perceived exertion,” enjoyment, and self-efficacy. Two of the most physically-exerting VirZoom games were used for the test.

The results make a compelling case for integrating VR systems into the gym. Blood pressure remained about the same across the two systems. However, students enjoyed using VirZoom more, and they believed they could continue to use it for longer. Additionally, the perceived exertion on the stationary bikes was higher, indicating it was less enjoyable to use than the VirZoom. As anyone who has used VR fitness apps can tell you, feeling like you’re progressing toward a goal makes a huge difference.

VirZoom was the first-generation bike being made by the company of the same name. Other products are now available, as well. The VZfit system uses sensors and your own VR headset in order to turn any stationary bike into a VR fitness tool. Both Oculus Go and Oculus Quest are supported. There are two membership models to choose from, with the free membership including a rotating game and several demos. For the $9.95 per month subscription, you get nine games with the ability to create content, customize avatars, and access competitive events. You also get unlimited access to Explorer, letting you take a ride anywhere in the world using Streetview data.