VirZOOM has been busy lately and their most recent announcement at E3 2017 is definitely not something to miss! VirZoom just announced that their VR bike and suite of fitness games is now available for GearVR use with Galaxy S8 and S8+phones. This mobile solution and compatibility for their experiences is big news, but they also announced the launch of the new VZ Sensor, which makes any stationary bike VirZOOM capable. Beginning today, you can pre-order the $99 VZ Sensor, which clips onto the crank of any stationary exercise bike in a home or gym, to instantly transform it into a VirZOOM VR Fitness experience. Clearly VirZOOM wants to expand their footprint in the VR fitness segment and this new mobile compatibility and the VZ Sensor will do just that.

VirZOOM Arcade is a suite of evolving, arcade-style VR games designed for use on a stationary exercise bike. These games enable users to cycle in a race, kayak through a duck pond, fly a Pegasus or engage in a tank battle – all while getting a great cardio workout with the VirZOOM bike.

Anyone who’s ever worked out with the VirZOOM Arcade experiences know that they are designed to keep users interested and motivated, leading to longer, more frequent and more enjoyable workouts. ZirZOOM just release info on their users and they’re delivering on their promise. In fact, those using VirZOOM’s platform exercise an average of 24 minutes per use.

Paul T. Kim, Director of VR Publishing at Samsung Research America had this to say about working with VirZOOM:

“Samsung is excited to partner with VirZOOM to bring an exciting VR fitness platform to Gear VR. By pedaling a VirZOOM-enabled bike, you can move through large virtual worlds under your own power, while playing games and reaping the health benefits of cycling. Furthermore, My VirZOOM wearables integration enables users to track their fitness data while challenging friends in online multiplayer VR, ”said Paul T. Kim, Director of VR Publishing at Samsung Research America.

Eric Janszen, co-founder and CEO of VirZOOM, said: “VirZOOM is a fun, interactive VR fitness platform that serves as an alternative to traditional and often monotonous exercise programs. Now, with the VZ Sensor and VirZOOM compatibility with Samsung GearVR, more people can utilize our unique, goal-based VR games to get fit. By bringing VirZOOM to mobile VR, our fitness platform instantly becomes accessible to more people in a more flexible, portable form.”

Beginning today, two of VirZOOM’s most popular fitness games are available for free in Samsung’s GearVR Store and these will be compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+. Another five free VirZOOM Arcade games will also become available by October. VirZOOM will announce additional compatible mobile VR headset platforms later this summer. Preorders for the $99 VZ Sensor can be placed at, with orders shipping in October 2017. For those who do not have access to a stationary bike, the VirZOOM Bike is available for $399.