Welcome to the VR Fitness Insider Awards where we pick the best of the best for all things virtual, augmented and mixed realities when it pertains to fitness. In this installment, we will look at the best VR fitness experiences of 2016 in the Graphics, Hardware, Fitness, Price, and Overall categories. The contenders in these VR Awards categories are: Audioshield, Raw Data, TrickstTrickster VR and The Brookhaven Experiment.

Graphics Winner: Raw Data

Audioshield was a mix of so many colors and music on the screen that it provided a great experience. However, while it was beautiful, it also only came in so many colors and was very limited in music choice.

Raw Data had AAA graphics and that was the selling point of the game, which was the primary reason why it was so highly rated. Not only did it require intense gameplay, but the graphics for it were fluid and on point.

The Brookhaven Experiment was one of the great games to come out this year and it had some wonderful gameplay. The only issue with the game was that the graphics were akin to something found on the PS2 and while it may have been a favorite, and it may have been in VR, it was not graphically impressive. That’s not what made the game so addictive; it was the gameplay that made it addictive.

TrickstTrickster VR – Procedural Dungeon Crawler was another great game that had beautiful graphics and some great, fluid gameplay. There’s not doubt that the colorful likes of this game make it a fan favorite in both graphics and fitness.


Hardware Winner: Audioshield

Audioshield easily wins this category, requiring the least power in hardware in order to run at max settings, which means it is great for you and your system. TrickstTrickster VR – Procedural Dungeon Crawler, The Brookhaven Experiment, and Raw Data were decent on the need for hardware and hit a more average range.

Fitness Winner: Audioshield

The Brookhaven Experiment and Raw Data have the same type of mechanic; hide behind something and shoot or just shoot. There’s a lot of turning around and it does get you working, but both of them have the same mechanic. Meanwhile, TrickstTrickster VR – Procedural Dungeon Crawler is a little different but most of the gameplay is focused around short action scenes and long travelling scenes. While the game does gradually get harder, the game doesn’t require an intense amount of fitness. Once again, Audioshield wins in this category as not only does the game normally push you in terms of fitness, but the default optional settings (no insane mods) can push most people to the max in difficulty. It uses the entire body at all times, employs a consistent workout, and scores you on both artistic style and technical style.

With mods, the game just gets ridiculous.

Price – TrickstTrickster VR – Procedural Dungeon Crawler

* Audioshield – $19.99

* Raw Data – $39.99

* Brookhaven Experiement – $19.99

* TrickstTrickster VR – Procedural Dungeon Crawler – $9.99

At just $10, TrickstTrickster VR – Procedural Dungeon Crawler beats out the competition by not only providing a great experience but also providing it at nearly half the price.

Experience Winner: Raw Data

The Overall experience is one where the game is enjoyable from every aspect and the game is well rounded, which means that Raw Data comes out at top here. Not only does the game have a good experience, it also has a very integral storyline and is multiplayer. These are aspects that the other games either lack or don’t have any of it and since Raw Data is a AAA game, or at least sold as a AAA game, it includes these in its title very well.

The Winner is Audioshield

While both Raw Data and Audioshield were seemingly tied, Audioshield is half the cost of Raw Data while also providing a genuinely good experience. That is not to say that Raw Data is a bad game, in fact it’s a great game, but the best VR game must have the largest amount of “best points” and Audioshield just barely beat it because of its lower price point. Additionally, we do include how much fitness you get out of a game and, while Raw Data can be rough, Audioshield is perfect for short bursts of intense exercise utilizing the entire body.

While there were many games released this year for the VR, we choose to review games that are fitness focused. This is why you may see a disagreement with other website because while the game may not be the best in terms of graphics, fitness plays a large role in some games. Therefore, Audioshield is the Best VR Game on the market from 2016 that also incorporates fitness.

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