VR Cover Thrillseeker & Virtual Reality Oasis Collaborative Editions In Stock!


Here at VRFitness Insider we always stress the importance of sweat proofing your VR headset, using either a silicone cover or a facial interface and foam replacement set. Nobody does these better than VRCover and they are back again with a new design as well as a relaunch of two content creator collaboration editions that quickly sold out the first time around. These are likely to be highly sought after again, so if you want one make sure you get your order in quickly!

Facial Interface & Foam Replacement Set for Oculus Quest 2: Virtual Reality Oasis and ThrillSeeker Editions

After a sell-out launch in 2020 VRCover’s collaborative sets with VR Youtube content creators Virtual Reality Oasis and ThrillSeeker are back in stock. In terms of comfort, fit, and performance they are identical to their standard facial interface & foam replacement sets. They sport passive air vents to reduce fogging, a removable nose guard to block light leakage, and come with two foam replacements, one slim fit, offering an enhanced field of view (FOV), and one thick, offering plushy pillow comfort for your face. The slim fit is perfect for me, and for most Youtube reviewers I’ve ever seen. It’s still super comfortable, whilst allowing your eyes to get closer to the lenses for a wider view.

With the collaborative sets, you get some wonderful little details as you can see in the photos below, with the content creator’s logos on both the foam pads and the interface as well.

The plastic interfaces are in the respective colors the two content creators are known for, Mike’s light cyan blue, and Thrillseeker’s trademark pink. The foam pads are light grey, which I personally think really complements the Quest’s matt white shell perfectly.

Virtual Reality Oasis $29


I have to say I’m very partial to the Virtual Reality Oasis set. I’ve followed Mike’s channel since I bought my first VR headset way back in early 2017 when he had a mere handful of subscribers and it’s been great to see how his channel has grown to the almost half a million subscribers he has now. If you’re a fan of his content it’s worth looking back to his first videos to see just how much he’s grown as a presenter. Despite VRCover sending me more interface sets and silicone covers as review samples than I can ever use in the Quest’s lifetime, they didn’t send me one of these so I’ve eagerly ordered one for my own collection. Mike’s interface kit is the feature image at the top of this page, and here are some close-up pictures below to check out the logo details

Courtesy of VRCover.

The logo features on the tag for the foam pad too.

Courtesy of VRCover.

Thrillseeker $29


If you want something a bit more striking then Thrillseeker’s pink interface might be up your street. This smooth-talking, nail polish-wearing mystery man never reveals his face on-screen, but with his dulcet tone, sultry intro, and immaculately produced content he’s amassed 350,000 followers of his own.

Courtesy of VRCover.
Courtesy of VRCover


Courtesy of VRCover


An Experimental Design – Cool XG Foam $29 (interface not included)


As well as the relaunches above VRCover has also put on sale a new variant of their foam replacements featuring a hybrid cooling gel. The idea behind these is that the gel offers a temporary cooling sensation offering brief relief for shorter sessions. They sent me out a two-set sample set to try.

Courtesy of VRCover.

The concept is interesting but I have to say I prefer their standard kits. The gel doesn’t melt onto your face the way the plushy foam ones do, and despite looking almost identical, they weigh a little more. I found the slim-fitting foam gel pad pressed rather hard against my face. The larger size was a lot more comfortable, and I could wear that one for hours without any issue, but it’s a tad thicker than the slim-fitting standard foam pad, so has a slightly reduced field of view. It might be worth looking at if you don’t like plushy pillow comfort but for me, their standard models are so incredibly comfortable, any experimentation is a bit like the Coca-Cola company releasing New Coke.

My recommendation if you’re in the market for a facial interface kit is to grab either the Virtual Reality Oasis or Thrillseeker sets whilst they remain in stock or go for one of their otherwise identical VRCover standard sets that I have covered in detail before.

I do appreciate VRCover’s creativity however and attempts to improve their offerings. Now that they are doing licensed partnership sets can I suggest a future collaboration with BMF in red!?