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VR Master League continues develop a solid foundation for VR esports and announces that Echo Arena, an exhilarating virtual reality game set in a zero-gravity arena, will return to Oculus Venues this week with live broadcasts of Echo Arena VR Master League Season 3.

VR esports have expanded rapidly since 2016 when the first competitive opportunities became available and over the past few years we’ve seen the development of more casual leagues up to the elite divisions of the VR Master League.

Over the course of season 2, Echo Arena VR Master League was featured on Oculus Venues each weekend. Fans could watch the game with friends on the Oculus Quest and they’ll now have the option for safe, social-distancing esports viewing from the comfort of their own homes for season 3.

If you haven’t seen VR esports in Venues, you’re missing out as it’s a lot of fun to be immersed in front of a theater-sized virtual screen where you can enjoy real-time social interaction with friends and other fans. It’s a fantastic way to experience Echo Arena and you can download the Venues beta directly from the Oculus app store. For a list of all Venues events, including movies, comedy, healthy living and more, check out the Venues Event Calendar.

Echo Arena

For esports fans, Ready At Dawn’s Echo Arena is one of the fastest-growing VR communities. The playerbase expanded rapidly in 2020 when the game was introduced on the portable Oculus Quest headset and it continues to be a popular choice for esport enthusiasts who want to get involved with immersive reality.

Echo Arena is available as a free download on the Oculus store.

You can find the Echo community on social media through Facebook, Discord, and Reddit groups.

VR Master League

VR Master League began within the Onward community in late 2016 and was officially established as a league by early 2017. VRML strives to create a fair, community-driven competitive environment for its members.

There are several titles featured in the league and volunteers for each game dedicate countless hours in broadcasting, league moderation, content creation, etc. Many of these volunteers as well as more experienced players and the community at large pass along what they know through training opportunities in an effort to continue spreading awareness of VR esports.

Interviews, highlight reels, and game meta breakdowns can be found on the Echo Arena VRML Twitch and YouTube channels. The content creation team does an amazing job creating professional-quality videos.

VRML Echo Arena Twitch Channels
VRML Echo Arena Youtube

Echo Arena VR Master League now has over 300 active teams participating in Season 3. The VR Master League website includes a flexible scheduling system and it’s easy to join throughout the season. Players can join a team or serve as a league substitute.

View current team standings for Echo Arena VRML, visit the VR Master League website or follow the Echo Arena VRML on Twitter for more information.


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