Through the month of April, we are running a VR Fitness Challenge!

We will be using BOXVR workouts each week and tracking progress.

Two prize packages are up for grabs!

Challenge is in Progress!

Winners will be announced May 6th

How It Works


Each week of the VR Fitness Challenge, play a different BOXVR workout that we assign.


Each week, send in screenshots of your 4 best BOXVR workouts for that week.


The VR challenger that has the highest score (all workouts combined) will win the prize package. Bonus! All other challenger’s that send in a minimum of 4 workouts each week will be entered into a random prize package drawing.

The Prize Package!

What’s Inside?

  • 1 Wahoo TICKR Heart Rate Monitor
  • 1 T-shirt from VR Fitness Insider
  • 1 Hat & sweatband from Black Box VR
  • 1 C4 Pre-workout from Cellucor
  • 1 Xtend BCAA’s from Scivation
  • 1 ISO-100 Protein from Dymatize
  • 12 Protein Bars from Dymatize

VR Fitness Challenge Details

For this challenge, we will be using the VR game BOXVR.  You can download it on Steam here or Oculus here.

There are 4 pre-made BOXVR workouts in the game. Each week you will use the workout assigned for that week.

  • Week 1 (April, 8th – 14th) – Beast Mode
  • Week 2 (April, 15th – 21st) – Hussle For The Muscle
  • Week 3 (April, 22nd – 28th) – No Pain No Gain
  • Week 4 (April, 30th – May, 6th) – Super Endurance 1

Each week, you will need to email us a minimum of 4 screenshots of your best workouts.  If you choose, you can workout more per week but no more than 7 times a week. The more times you workout the more likely you are to win! Here are instructions on how to take a screenshot on the Vive and Oculus. You can also just take a picture of your monitor or TV showing your BOXVR workout results and email it in.  Here is an example of a BOXVR workout results screenshot.

Challenge Details:

Prize Details:

  • There will be 2 winners!
  • The person with the highest score of all workouts sent in will win the prize package.
  • Each person that successfully sent in all their screenshots will be entered into a drawing for an extra prize package.
  • Prize drawing will happen May 7th, 2018

Choose workouts

Click the down arrow and select the week’s workout


VR Fitness Transformations

Sonya, or Hasko7 as her Echo Arena teammates call her, began her fitness journey with VR after fighting through health scares that caused chronic pain and took a toll on her mentally. She found that playing Oculus games like Echo Arena, Robo Recall, and Sprint Vector while sitting helped reduce her pain and helped her lose over 40 pounds!

Job is a PR and game industry veteran who has now lost over 90 pounds by playing VR games and eating healthy. With hard work and dedication to fitness and wellness, Job played hours of Soundboxing and other games like Sprint Vector, Sparc, Gorn, and Robo Recall for an entertaining full body workout that didn’t involve going to a gym. For extra resistance and to bust through plateaus Job adds a weighted vest and gloves to the action!