BOXVR enthusiast, Josh Johnson decided that he would make life a little easier for all of us BOXVR Fans. Josh created a plugin that manages playlists for BOXVR.  This is a feature that a lot of us have wanted for years.

No more stopping your VR workouts and choosing new songs. Create your playlist and keep your heart rate up so you can get those calories burned.

The plugin allows you to add and remove playlists, remove an re-order tracks (drag them in the list) for your playlists and even import many popular playlist files straight into BOXVR.


If you are interested in trying this plugin, you can download it on the BOXVR Playlist Manager Git Hub page. We spoke with Josh and he would love to get input on new features that would make this plugin even better. Let us know what you think of this new tool in the comments below. You can also leave feedback on his original Reddit post.

Just to clear, Josh and this plugin are not affiliated with FitXR in any way. Use this tool at your own risk.