VR Hypnosis for Weight Loss?

Minus Method uses 3D virtual reality and sound therapy to generate a state of hypnosis that helps overweight individuals as well as those suffering from phobias, addictions and other mental health ailments.

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Wouldn’t it be nice to lose weight without moving a muscle? The creators of Minus Method claim their virtual reality technology can do just that and plenty more. This virtual reality, 3D hypnosis glasses device provides total immersion that ameliorates the quest to shed excess fat and overcome countless other problems. The 3D VR glasses function with IOS and Android phones to boot. There is no need to diet, take medication, show up for appointments or hit the gym. Minus Method works its magic through VR hypnosis that pushes users to alter their habits and ultimately lose weight.

The Minus Method Package

This unique VR-based hypnosis package contains the forementioned glasses, a remote, a year’s worth of effective 3D stereophonic weight loss sessions and no-cost online coaching/support consultants. Each session is available in sleep mode and awake mode. The awake mode culminates in returning the listener to a low beta brainwave cycle. The sleep mode blocks the beta cycle so the user can obtain a restful sleep session.

Why so Many are Flocking to Minus Method

The beauty of Minus Method is that it does not require a contract, thousands of dollars or time-consuming office sessions. Furthermore, there is no need to participate in a sadomasochistic diet, grueling gym sessions or annoying weigh-ins. Minus Method works its magic through virtual reality hypnosis sessions. These sessions aren’t strictly limited to one individual. The participant’s family and friends can also enjoy Minus Method sessions of their own.

How it Works

It doesn’t take long to get Minus Method up and running. Insert the DVD in the computer, load files/playlists to the smartphone through the provided cables and place the phone into the 3D VR glasses. Pop in your earbuds and you will be fully immersed in a hypnosis session that helps you lose weight. The included remote control makes it easy to adjust your playlist, the volume and other options.

Minus Method sessions were meticulously designed to transition the participant from 15 cycles per second Beta to 10 cps Alpha. He then transitions to a series of brainwave programming that moves from Alpha to 5cps Theta by way of binaural beats, captivating music and vocals created by certified Hypnosis and Master NLP Practitioners. This algorithm opens the listener’s mind to the power of suggestion in Alpha and Theta states. Alterations in light frequency and sound therapy serve to convince the user to avoid harmful habits that lead to weight gain as well as other actions that create problems he is intent on avoiding.

Minus Method’s Role in Advancing VR

To say that Minus Method VR hypnosis is intriguing is an understatement. The use of 3D virtual reality environments with light alterations and audio to change human behavior is a gigantic step forward. Initial reports indicate that Minus Method works for weight loss, self-betterment, eliminating fears/phobias and even combating addictions. Virtual reality is clearly useful for much more than immersive gaming. The alteration of visual stimulation through virtual reality to create a hypnotic state is quite the technological feat.

Is it really something you should use to cheat your way to getting fit? Probably not. But can it have a positive impact on your health and wellness? If used correctly, absolutely!

If Minus Method and similar headsets go viral, it won’t be long until virtual reality spills into the mainstream for those who are saddled with eating disorders, phobias, addictions and all sorts of other mental health maladies. This technology has the potential to improve millions of lives and possibly even save lives. It will be interesting to see how Minus Method advances from here.

Perhaps this 3D VR technology will supplement or even replace mental health counselors and medications. It could even be covered by health insurance at some point in the near future. One thing is for certain: VR has unlimited potential to improve the human condition.