Echo Arena VR Master League Season 1 Championship registrations open today and the road to finals starts with the Challenger Cup on May 2 and 3. Competition will continue throughout May and end in a season finale on May 24, when the top team in each of the two regions – North America and Europe – will receive some excellent prizes and claim bragging rights as kings of zero-g.

The inaugural VR Master League season of Ready At Dawn’s Echo Arena has had 261 competitors and matches are streamed by professional grade casters familiar with the game’s history, strategies, and teams. Season 1 Championship coverage is sure to be an exciting series of match ups!


  • Challenger Cup Registrations: April 21 to May 1
  • Challenger Cup: May 2 & 3
  • Round-Robin: May 16 & 17
  • Semifinals and Finals: May 23 & 24


Echo Arena VR Master League Season 1 Championship will include a Challenger Cup, which is designed as an opportunity for lower ranked teams to qualify for advancement to semi-finals.

Following the Challenger Cup, there will be a round-robin phase, then semi-finals and finals.

Team ranked 1-6 automatically qualify for the round-robin phase. Any team ranked 7 or below can register for the Challenger Cup. Teams are still competing in regular season matches through April 26 and you can find current ranks for both North America and Europe on the VRML website.




Prizes for the championship will be awarded per region so the top team in North America and the top team in Europe will receive the following.

  • ProTube merchandise/coupons (value of 150€)
  • Rebuff Reality (value of $100 USD gift-card + $100 USD in cash)
  • VRML player-personalized jerseys (value of $50 USD / each.)
  • Unique in-game badge flair from Ready At Dawn

How to Register

Registration for Season 1 Championship is now open.

Where to Watch

Matches will be played in blocks on the dates listed for the championship schedule. We’ll share more information about match times through VR Fitness Insider social media.

You can tune in and watch the final games of the regular season and then follow all the hype throughout the championship on the Echo Arena VRML Twitch page.

Echo Arena

Ready At Dawn’s Echo Arena is set in a zero-gravity arena and combines technology and physicality as players must duck, jump, and dodge as they play in an immersive virtual environment. One of the most popular competitive VR games, Echo Arena and has been featured in various tournaments since its July 2017 release date. It was added to the VR Master League (VRML) in the fall of 2019 with a pre-season that lasted into December.

VR Master League

The VR Master League is a community-driven platform that was established by DaKinMan in early 2017. The VRML has grown exponentially over the past three years and it serves as a hub where players can be involved in the organization and decisions surrounding the competitive scene of some of the most popular VR esports on the market.