The VR Master League Final Assault Season 1 Championship will culminate this weekend with a prize pool of $1,000 and merchandise. The WWII-themed action strategy game from Phaser Lock Interactive was added to the VR Master League in June and it was also featured at the World Cyber Games last month in Xi’an, China.

Final Assault combines elements of traditional games that feature real-time strategy with the multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) style. It was designed from the ground up to capitalize on the power and immersive atmosphere of virtual reality.

The VR Master League was established in early 2017 by DaKinMan as a community driven platform that focuses on supporting competitive VR games and encouraging growth of the communities playing those titles. Phaser Lock Interactive is the latest company to partner with the VRML, bringing Final Assault to the community that loves to play and compete in some of the best VR titles on the market.

Format of Tournament

A Challenger Cup was held on August 10 and 11, featuring groups A and B. The winners of each group advanced to the Challenger Cup Final. Anyone ranked 8 or below in the worldwide standings was allowed to enter the Challenger Cup.

The Round-robin Group Stage took place this past weekend, August 17 and 18. The top seven players from worldwide standings were joined by the winner of the Challenger Cup – MasterShadow. These eight players were split into two groups and then played others in their respective group (A and B) in a round-robin format.

The top two players from each group have now been granted an invitation to the semifinals.

Group A winners:

Group B winners:

Semifinals and Finals

The semifinals will begin this weekend on Saturday, August 24 with a preshow at 17:30 UTC. Players will take their God-like positions and start commanding their troops, artillery, and tanks at 18:00 UTC in an attempt to defeat the enemy and win the war. Semifinals is a best-of-3 maps format.

Finals will take place on Sunday, August 25. The preshow will start at 18:30 UTC and competition is scheduled to begin at 19:00. Finals is a best-of-5 maps format.


The VR Master League continues to be supported by two of the most well-known names in VR esports:  ProTubeVR and VR Cover. Many players use their products and both companies have joined VRML and Phaser Lock Interactive to provide some nice prizes to the champions.

1st place – Grand Champion

2nd place:  $250 USD

3rd place:  $150 USD

4th place:  $100 USD

Where to Watch

Fans can watch Final Assault VRML action, including semifinals and finals, on the Final Assault Master League 1 Twitch channel. Be sure to tune in to see which competitor will claim bragging rights for the first VR Master League Final Assault Championship title!

PAX 10

If you’ll be in Seattle from August 30 through September 2 for PAX West, Final Assault has been nominated as a PAX 10 game for 2019. This is an honor as each year the ten best indie games are selected by a group of industry experts based on gameplay and how enjoyable the game is.

Be sure to stop by booth 7308 if you’re at PAX to see if you can command your troops better than your enemies can command theirs. You’ll also be able to experience an exclusive first look at Final Assault on the Sony PlaystationVR.

Additional Information

Final Assault can be played seated, standing, or roomscale. There is a multiplayer mode as well as a single player campaign.

The game is compatible with the following platforms:

You can purchase Final Assault through the Oculus store or Steam.

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