Who doesn’t want arms capable of delivering a powerful knockout punch or unleashing a deadly flurry of blows at dizzying speeds? I know I do. VR can make that happen and without getting bloody knuckles.

Here is an arm and shoulder workout that will leave your arms feeling like boiled ramen. Bon Appétit!

10 Minutes (Warmup/Coordination): Audioshield

We’ll start off nice and easy, just enough to get your arms warmed up and the juices flowing.  Go ahead and copy and paste this tune into Audioshield: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6WRpOZh6EvY and select the “Normal” difficulty setting. The song is about ten minutes long and even has a handy countdown timer.

10 Minutes (Speed): Bitslap

This is a speed punching game that rewards your fast moves by giving you even faster targets. This game is simple but deadly. There will be only two cubes that will spawn sequentially, and you need to punch them in the order that they appear. Punch one cube into smithereens, then the second, then the next, and the next and so on. Don’t think about where your next punch is going, don’t think at all. This is a game of pure reaction that will put you into a flow where your arms naturally take over.

We’re gonna do normal difficulty. Each game is around two minutes, depending on your skill level, so you’ll get a few moments to catch your breath before you start over. You’ll need a separate timer for this to track the time, so keep your eye on the clock.

Remember, this is all about speed, and the shortest distance between two objects is a straight line, so punch forward quickly, and just as quickly pull your arms back to repeat the process. Executed perfectly, it should look something like this:

5 Minutes (Recover): Fruit Ninja

You’re tired. You’re sore. Your chest hurts. Have a healthy ninja snack and recover your stamina because we aren’t done yet.

10 Minutes (Power): The Thrill of the Fight

Set the Punch Force multiplier to 1.0x (Heavyweight). We want your opponent to feel nearly impervious. You’ll need to be just as relentless if you want to make it to the end of the third round in one piece.

This will be hard, but I want you giving your all. He’s your mortal enemy; he’s your worst nightmare, He’s… UGLY JOE!

I want you to keep your elbows up at all times. When he raises his arms, kidney-punch him. When he drops his arms, clobber his head. Keep moving and be aggressive.

25 Minutes (Endurance): BOXVR

You’re an animal to have made it this far, and you are not to be trifled with. Go ahead and pat yourself on the back before you load up BOXVR for the final leg of your workout and call it a day.

Make sure and enter your vital stats, then go ahead and load up the longest of the endurance workouts. You’ll mostly be taking straight jabs, but particular orbs will indicate upper cuts and hook punches. If the orbs don’t explode when you connect, do not let it phase you, just keep punching to the tempo of the music. Oh, and there are some squats too.

Congratulation, friend, you did it. You got through an incredibly taxing arm and shoulder workout and survived. You’ll thank me tomorrow. (No you won’t.)

Do you feel like a champion? Let us know in the comments below!

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Tim Donahey
Tim Donahey is an NASM certified personal trainer, former competitive powerlifter, VR fitness enthusiast, and CEO of VR Fit. After more than 10 years in the fitness industry, Tim discovered firsthand the profound impact of using virtual reality as a tool for athleticism and embarked on a 50 day experiment to test the benefits of a purely VR based fitness lifestyle. The overwhelmingly positive results of his experiment lead Tim to found VR Fit where he develops and implements VR fitness solutions for people from all walks of life.