Credit to: VREAL

Internet broadcasters had Twitch and YouTube Gaming as their primary hub for hosting live and pre-recorded gaming, lifestyle, and fitness channels. Now, there’s a promising new social broadcasting sheriff in town and they go by the name of VREAL.

VREAL is a virtual reality platform that lets VR gamers and personalities host their own unique channels. Essentially you can use VREAL to hang out with friends and viewers at home who have VR as they hang out and watch you play games in real time.

Hit Record and Share

Gamers who use Oculus and HTC Vive HMDs to play VR games for exercise can track their progress by recording their own gaming sessions ahead of time and then posting them for people to view. They are also able to invite viewers to watch them live stream and cheer them on as they battle against virtual bad guys or dance to music if that’s your cup of tea.

If something funny or inspirational happens, casters can hit replay for their audience to see it again. You can edit and then share the video clips or in-game pictures on social media, reaching audiences that don’t have a VR headset.

VREAL is equipped to handle 2D for viewers without a VR HMD and 3D graphics for those that have one. This is especially helpful for casters who are getting fit or want to motivate others to exercise using virtual reality to gain cross-content exposure that doesn’t leave out 2D audiences like those on Twitch and YouTube.

Talk To Casters and Viewers

Playing Surgeon Simulator. Imagine the possibilities. Credit to: VREAL and Hyper RPG

While you’re in a game your viewers will show up as fun avatars like a panda, tiger, or cat along with the visitors game handle. This is a great way for you to see your audience and get to know repeat viewers, or make new friends and fans. Friends and audiences are able to cheer on your best casting moments by posting emojis, waving, chatting, and even speaking with you for more social interaction and support.

Sometimes fighting a boss or punching your way through a challenge can be difficult and you need a boost of courage or someone to tell you that you can do it. VREAL allows your viewers to teleport to different locations and even shrink down within the game you’re playing, so they can get a better view of the action or they can help you see something you don’t.

Don’t worry, you won’t have hundreds of trolls getting in your way on purpose because the platform and game structure is designed like a “stadium with infinite box seats”. This allows game developers creative control to prevent overcrowding by only allowing between one and ten viewers per box. As a caster, you control who you send a link or invite to, which gives you and your party more privacy. If you want to broadcast to a bigger audience you’re able to do so by broadcasting to YouTube and Twitch.

Create Your Own VR Show

Maybe you’re a gamer looking to show audiences the newest VR fitness games or you’re a fitness instructor who wants to show others how to use their newly created exercise game. If you want to host your own VR show with friends, business partners, or other casters, either live or by sharing it later, you can do so with VREAL’s simulcasting capability.

VREAL’s simulcast allows multiple casters and personalities to join forces, bring audiences together, and stream at the same time. Simulcast creates an opportunity for funny or inspirational commentary from the casters and viewers, a unique way to view fitness content, and gives your friends and audiences at home a chance to be a part of the show and comment on it.

The Future

Credit to: VREAL

Currently, VREAL is only doing limited releases with partners and a full release of the platform will be coming out in the future.

VR game developers and studios are urged to contact VREAL so casters can have more access to a wider range of games. If you’re an interested developer contact to get more information.

If you are a forward-thinking content creator who’s looking to use VREAL for your own channel, please contact the company here to sign up for an early access form to fill out.

VREAL has huge potential for gamers and fitness enthusiasts alike. Take the opportunity and sign up for early access if you are looking to widen your game’s audience or if you want to help motivate others to reach their fitness goals.