It’s party time in Echo VR!

VR Party League is hosting a 2v2 tournament in Ready At Dawn’s Echo Arena, a virtual sport game set in a zero-gravity arena. Players are encouraged to partner with a friend and test their skills against others in the community.

Although Echo Arena was set up as a 3v3 when it launched in July 2017 and there are options for everything from 1 to 5 players on each team in private matches, it’s now played as a 4v4 in pub (public) matches and most competitive leagues.

Switching the game to a 2v2 where you have to rely on only one teammate greatly changes dynamics of the game. If both players are bruisers who stun a lot, for example, then they might have difficulty focusing on the disc and scoring goals. If both are strikers, they might inadvertently leave their own goal open, which creates an opportunity for the opposing team.

Definitely 2v2 events are incredibly fun to participate in and spectate as you see how players try to adjust to fewer opportunities to regrab, determine strategy against the opposing team in what can feel like a larger arena when you have less players, and use their individual and two-person team talents to secure a win.

“The Echo community loves playing in events that are different than the normal pub style gameplay,” says Dewey Blankenship, founder of VR Party League. “That’s what makes the VR Party League 2v2 event so amazing. It allows players to really connect with their partner and come up with new strategies and playstyles.”

“Our VRPL 2v2 from fall 2020 was a great example of that,” he continues. “Feedback from the players, their experiences in the tournament, and the connection to each other really makes the 2v2 shine.”

Tournament Info

This current VRPL 2v2 event is open only to Echo Arena players in North America and is scheduled to last six weeks.

  • July 14: Registration opens.
  • August 12: Registration closes.
  • August 15: Matches will be posted and 2v2 week one begins.

Additional details, rules and registration can be found on the VR Party League Discord server. As always, we encourage engagement with the community because a party is no fun alone.

Where to Watch

The upcoming VRPL 2v2 Tournament will be cast live on VR Sports Network and VR Party League Twitch channels. VR Sports Network is committed to positive, professional coverage of VR sports and Echo Arena is widely considered the first true sport in immersive reality. Read more about the collaboration between VRSN and VRPL in this VR Fitness Insider article.