War Dust, an ambitious VR game from Raptor Lab that features 64 players on a battlefield in 32 v 32 combat, is definitely near the top of my list of favorite VR games and communities. While there have been challenges, the community has rallied together and they’ve continued building the playerbase for this great game.

Although the number of VR enthusiasts is rapidly increasing, we also have more multiplayer VR games pulling players in different directions. Community engagement and special events help encourage players and give them something specific to look forward to.

A group of War Dust fans have been arranging events in the game since last June and continue to host events each Saturday and Sunday. Members of the K.A.O.S squad created a Discord server called War Games and these guys do a fantastic job of making community members feel welcome, they promote the game, and they support options such as modded maps.

These days I don’t have as much opportunity to play War Dust and one of the challenges I mentioned above is a difficulty with setting seated play. For some reason this seems to glitch out now, but in the past I’ve always played the game seated. With that said, the game is incredibly fun and you’re sure to see some of the most well-known names in VR esports on the battlefield from time to time. TigerTim does an excellent job of promoting community events and all members of K.A.O.S. have earned praise for continuing to make War Dust an appealing option for VR gamers.

When asked what K.A.O.S. stands for, I was told the following:

  • Killer Assassins Operation Secret
  • Kill All Other Soldiers
  • Kill All On Sight
  • Keep Balance, All Good, Over Achiever, Spawn-camping Sucks
  • Keep All Operators Safe
  • Keep All Opponents Sabotaged

What they lack in decisiveness, these guys make up for in great attitudes and creativity. If you’re looking for a community that promotes good sportsmanship and can find humor in life, this is a great crowd.

Join Today

Today the War Games group will be playing on the Raptor Lab map Desert Parables except with a twist. Roundy, a Commander in the K.A.O.S. army, has turned the dry brown desert map into a frightening scene of darkness and fire at night. Technically any terror probably comes from the overall stress of battle so just avoid being blown up or shot and you’ll be fine.

Next event begins Sunday at noon PST / 3:00 pm ET / 9 PM CET. Download the game now on Steam and then join the War Games Discord group.


Purchase War Dust on Steam.

Join the War Games Discord server.

Check out the Custom Maps Event channel on Discord for more information about today’s event.