Credit to: FitXR/BOXVR

Winter is officially upon us. Christmas trees are down and now it’s just January. Gloomy and unmotivated January. Not today, friends! Today, we get off this couch, we put on our visors and we begin the VR workout for winter that will keep your blood pumping.

But Why? Every Winter Workout Sucks

I admit, getting laced up for a run in the rain or snow isn’t my idea of exciting either. That’s exactly why you need VR in your life.

We all know the winter workout basic truths. Working out during winter prevents winter weight gain, and it gives us a headstart on that summer body. Plus, you get more guilt-free holiday eating when you know you’re going to lose it later. VR may help you fit in an extra cheat day this season.

But exercise has a natural warming effect on the body not to be understated. Working up a sweat can make you feel warm and cozy, then you hit a shower and relax before bed. It’s the ideal wind-down routine and perfect for those who live in snowy climates. No bothersome drives to the gym in blizzard conditions, no need to even leave the home.

Speaking of not leaving the house, who wants to do that after work? Instead, don your VR headset and dive into your favorite virtual world. The 30-60 minute after work session is almost certainly better than cooling down to the evening news.

Establish your routine now! The New Year inspires our best selves. Step into yours.

Still not Convinced! Here are 7 Games to Play

Ok, I admit that even with motivation cold is still cold. Those first few steps are always going to be difficult even when you’re inside. (Anyone with hardwood floors knows the pain of the first few steps with no socks). But, what if working out meant having fun? Check out these games to see what I mean:


Welcome to the non-gamer’s introduction to rhythm games. BoxVR turns your winter music playlist into a personalized boxing routine. Thumping beats become targets to punch or dodge.


The game is also full of guided workouts for specific portions of the body, or to train a particular side. Use this mode for more of a Taibo style workout, where you shift stances and use natural force and technique to improve your fitness experience. An in-game calorie and goal tracker keeps you motivated, and multiplayer keeps players connected to friends and family nearby.

BoxVR is feature packed, so motivate your friends to get off the couch because they make it even easier to get fit.

Beat Saber

Beat Saber is the next step in your journey toward rhythmic fitness. This game challenges players to strike incoming targets in specific directions, with “energy blades”.

The game has diverse modes to improve your skillset, so try out the no-fail and limited energy modes to perfect your skills. Then, take those skills to the built-in Party Mode to get everyone involved. Show off and get a workout!


Beat Saber has a diverse song selection, with official DLC available in PSVR. The developers have also promised this DLC will be somewhat consistent, so users can expect a few new tracks every couple of months.

Beat Saber is demanding, both in hand-eye coordination and physical endurance. You will be squatting, striking targets all around you rapidly, and you must remain agile. Be sure you stretch before you begin this unexpectedly challenging game.


Welcome to Holopoint, a simulated archery dojo that challenges players to be first to strike. Knock and fire, perfecting the motion of reaching for a new arrow and focusing on accuracy.

Holopoint is fast-paced, so it’s not for the faint of heart. Players that do tackle this challenging game will find tons of ways to “hack” it for more physically rewarding challenges, and some hidden opportunities for fun.

Live or death with a Samurai sword just got real.

Holopoint is affordable, and one of the first apps to buy for any VR fitness-minded headset owner. Its challenging gameplay and diverse challenges will work the entire body.


Creed is one part Thrill of the Fight, one part Knockout League, Sprint Vector and a whole lot else. It is beautiful art assets come to life with a solid boxing system. Its multiplayer pits players against one another in truly head-to-head boxing with a diverse character selection.

Boxing is one of the best forms of cardio you can get in VR. It works every part of your body, and you lose weight the more you sweat. Although purists may dislike the fatigue system, the boxing and hit detection in Creed are excellent.

The challenging and diverse gameplay, coupled with the top-tier multiplayer experience, make Creed another must-have for your winter workout routine.


A recent arrival on the scene, and a recent review for VRFI. Gladius tasks players with dispatching other gladiator enemies in a more realistic version of Gorn. Sword and shield handling all feel right, and you will need agility to succeed, even with the diverse weaponset.

This title is excellent for arms and core, and a good way to switch up the usual routine of boxing titles. Its intense pacing and attacks from multiple angles will keep that heartrate high.

Make sure you clear your space for 360 degree action. Avoid striking walls, cabinets and other objects with your wands.


I’m adding Superhot for a few reasons. It’s cool, first and foremost. Like a Matrix simulator and a full body workout all at once, but there’s another more important reason. Winter is much better with existential horror!

Credit: SUPERHOT Team

Superhot’s story is mysterious and disjointed, my favorite kind. But that passive storytelling hides an action-packed adventure that is perfect for a LIIS routine. Players who master even the basics of combat will be able to do entire runs in a single session easily.

Players will be tested for accuracy, power and the ability to move and dodge. Stay limber!

Drunkn Bar Fight

Drunkn Bar Fight is simply physics-based memery. It’s a goofy title that tasks players with getting as drunk as possible, and then beating up fellow bar patrons. Use chairs, bottles, and giant-growing pills to wreak havoc so crazy that at times you clip through things and can’t see. It’s glitchy and ridiculous in the best possible ways, and perfect for a relaxed and goofy night of cardio.

Credit: The Munky