Nothing beats a good bit of schadenfreude, the sense of enjoyment you get from watching others comedically writhe in awkwardness or (nearly) painless misfortune. We would never wish harm on folks using VR, but like any new technology, there’s going to be some experiences that will make us laugh and grow. Enjoy!

VR Roller Coaster Goes All Wrong

This rollercoaster fail is probably one of the most popular, funny, and honest VR reactions on social media. The man wearing the gear is set up perfectly and goes along with the experience being shown on the screen. The slow build up of the car going up the rollercoaster rails preps the man for the harrowing drop. With enough time to get his senses fully immersed in VR with surround sound headphones, the attendant waits for the perfect moment to do something shocking. Watch the clip now!

What makes this subtle prank effective is that the one attendant has his back and the other attendant is waiting in the wings to assist with picking the guy up. Putting on our safety hat for a moment, it’s important that if you attempt to do this with friends (who probably can’t see or hear us from behind), don’t do it on hardwood or tile! That’s a quick way to get hurt but to also ruin your new flatscreen! Wait for the ending, we promise you, he didn’t lose his mind.

She Tries to Rush Headfirst into Battle (Lower your Sound)

Turn the volume down on this one. Straight out of the gate it’s pretty clear this woman is totally into this VR fighting game and it’s getting intense, fast. With screams of terror or excitement (we really don’t know which), she forgets about the VR boundaries and makes a huge misstep. Check it out now!

Size and Scale for VR. Credit: RoadtoVR

This passion infused accident could have been avoided by prepping the player in advance and turning on the VR boundary system. The Vive gives plenty of space (around 11 square feet), but Oculus offers a smaller range of motion. Clearly, this is a Vive headset and controllers, and the guys watching her could have warned her. But then again, who really wants to step in front of someone who’s already amped up for attack? Don’t worry, she’s fine! The guys on the other hand, we’re not so sure.

Climbing vs. Gravity

This Vine video is a wonderful way to showcase and be a humorous warning of the powerful immersion of VR. This guy was testing the Oculus in-store and was left to his own devices. Let’s see what happens when the body and senses get tricked. Watch the video now!

If a body falls and no one sees it, does it make a noise? When watching this video, imagine how it must have felt to think he was really climbing a mountainside and then remember, thank goodness he wasn’t actually rock climbing. Someone get this kid more rock climbing VR lessons, he needs to practice so he doesn’t fall off a cliff or a sidewalk this easily in real life. Or, maybe just skip games with heights altogether.

Acrophobia: Fear of Heights

This one starts off a little slow, and the title gives away the gag, but it’s almost like watching those videos of people flinging their Wiimotes into a nearby television. Once again, hilarious if it happens to other people, embarrassing if it happens to us! Everything’s all fun and games until 44 seconds in. Check it out!

When you hear, “Nope! Nope!” I think that’s a universal understanding to get that man away from the gear! Or better yet, having a spotter or real friends around who would take one for the team and the poor TV. Hindsight is 20/20. When playing VR, don’t end up like this guy and break a TV, or do, we won’t judge you to your face, only on YouTube.

Walking the Plank

From the start, this poor girl wasn’t going to make it. It was a matter of how and when. Hearing her dad say, “Don’t fall, you’re gonna die!” followed by “You can do it.” is exactly what a first timer tethered to a VR headset needs to hear! The poor girl is wobbly at best and let’s just leave at that. Watch the clip now!

Painful to watch happen but funny nonetheless, this girl did what shouldn’t be done in an unfamiliar place — jump. With such a supportive dad like that, how could this have ended any other way? Can you say ouch? No really, ouch! Let’s hope standalone headsets aren’t this much of a pain.

Leap of Faith

Let’s face it, little kids are going to get into VR in a big way. We already can’t rip their tiny hands from our smartphones! Watch this little guy dive right into VR. Roll the video!

If you let a kid use VR, maybe skip using it on hard flooring and use it on carpet or with a soft cushion beneath instead to avoid faceplanting. Just saying. Also, maybe don’t put them in a skydiving simulator. But if you do, make sure you also post the video with slow motion because that’s just comedy gold.

A Snooker Champion Learns about VR

The game of snooker, like billiards, relies on how you position yourself and your stick to get a proper shot. Anything played on a pool table requires a level surface, so it’s natural to seek a table for leaning. That’s exactly what Ronnie O’Sullivan tried to do with hilarious results. Watch the clip!

If you’re a developer you probably didn’t think that anyone would lean on the table, did you? Well, there’s a first for everything, even with professionals. Try putting a folding table in the middle of the living room to act as a billiards/snooker table. We won’t laugh at the thought of your family thinking you’re completely bonkers for doing so. That’s a great idea!