Credit to: Jaunt VR

With locations in San Mateo, Los Angeles, London, Amsterdam and Shanghai, Jaunt VR is an expansive tech company that’s keeping the real in virtual reality. The VR app acts as a platform that hosts cinematic-quality immersive content across subjects like sports, film, nature, travel, the news, and other 360 experiences. Jaunt VR also hosts content around celebrity athletes like Shaq, musicians like Paul McCartney, and is partnered to start streaming select experiences on Hulu.  

Get The Jaunt App

Credit to: Jaunt VR

It’s easy, simply go to the Jaunt VR site and download the Jaunt VR App or get it texted to a smartphone by entering a phone number into their input system. The Jaunt app is compatible with Windows Mixed Reality, Google Play, iOS App Store, Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Daydream and PlayStation VR. So, app users are free to watch 360 and VR content from any mobile, mixed reality, and virtual platform at any time that’s convenient for them.

Viewing In 360

Jaunt VR content is filmed using the stereoscopic Jaunt One camera, creating video content that can be viewed in 130-degrees and 8K resolution per eye when being watched using a head-mounted display. They also use surround sound microphones to record a story teller’s true voice and to accurately document life as it’s occurring without drowning out the subject of the story by background noise.

Their cross-platform content is consistently high-quality no matter if the viewer is using a smartphone by itself to view content or a VR peripheral. Headset users can put on their peripheral, kick back and relax or view the content in 360 with a head-tracked virtual experience and binaural listening experience.

Wrap Around Sound

Sound in 360. Credit to: Jaunt VR

To get the best audio experience possible, the app user will need headphones, earbuds, or a display set up with an audio strap. The binaural sound quality will engulf the viewer in true to life sound from accurate location-specific points inside the scene. So, when Shaq talks about his experience in Cuba, you’ll hear his voice is projected from the direction he was speaking at, which will make him sound and look like he’s in the room with you!

VR Fitness Potential

Jaunt VR hosts entertaining content from a wide-range of experiences and can even take you across the world with ABC News to Syria or Nepal. We’re not sure if Jaunt will ever record VR fitness videos, but they are taking athletics, sports and eSports broadcasting to a new cinematic level.

Sports Events and ESPN Coverage

Basketball – The Art of the Dunk

Hoop Dreams are real! Credit to: Jaunt VR

Watch 4 of the best b-ball dunkers show off their skills in a Venice Beach dunk-off. Be a part of the audience in sunny California and get hyped to view the basketball court from the ground level. Dunk artists like Chris Staples, aka Hoopstar, will show viewers how high he can jump and will even show off his signature “Christ Air Dunk” and will make dunking look easy. Keep watching to see the entire team of professional basketball artists unleash the gravity-defying Art of the Dunk.

Boxing – Anthony Joshua: Champ

Jump in the ring! Credit to: Jaunt VR

View the boxing ring and crowd of cheering fans from the perspective of World Champion boxer Anthony Joshua. Hear stories and see what it takes to become a top boxer. Learn about the struggles it took to get him to peak conditioning and fight ready. Watch the famous British boxer knock his opponents to the ground as fans cheer him on and he emerges victorious. Boxing fans won’t have to worry about getting the best seat in the house, they’re already in it.

Football – The Game: Michigan at Ohio State

See players run on to the field! Credit to: Jaunt VR

Get your game day face paint ready. Jump into the action with a sea of Michigan and Ohio fans as their rival college teams gear up for the big game. Watch cheer and band performances and listen to the pre-game pump up speech. Escape the cold weather and stay warm at home, but stay a true fan by watching the VR or 360 game day videos on the Jaunt app.

eSports – IEM Katowice 2017: The Only Game in Town

Go CSGO! Credit to: Jaunt VR

Gamers and fans the world over will love watching eSports tournaments like this one from their home, phone, or VR headset. Take a journey to Southern Poland in Katowice for an Intel Extreme Masters Counter-Strike Tournament. Get a seat alongside thousands of fans watching on as their favorite pro gamers duke it out for top team status. Celebrate with your favorite CSGO team as they rise to victory.