Credit to: PlatformaVR

Anyone with a VR headset and an interest in fitness knows how common rhythm games are in the medium. Few developers are are skilled with the technology as PlatformaVR, however, and this week its game Wave Circles will have you refining your dance moves. You might even have to challenge your friends to a dance-off!

Express yourself!

Coming to  HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Windows Mixed Reality, Wave Circles adds a creative element to the rhythm genre. Rather than simply follow what you see in your headset, you can create your own “rhythmic flows” and create custom beat-maps. This way, the world will see if they’re capable of completing your masterpieces.

Your goal in Wave Circles is to get a full-body workout, grooving to the music and hitting your targets. The game begins with a forgiving normal difficulty. If that isn’t intense enough for you, the Encore mode is also available. 17 songs are included with 51 beat maps also split across multiple difficulty levels.

As you use your creative noodle and make your own beat maps, you can then send them directly to friends. Naturally, they’re going to send their own back to you, allowing for the crowning of dance champion.

With VR fitness games often using regimented routines, the freedom you’re given in Wave Circles is refreshing. You still need to make sure you’re staying on the beat and grooving to the song, but you’re allowed to still be yourself in the game. For those of us without dancing abilities, perhaps other people won’t want us to be ourselves. Of course, that’s why you can just save your beat map and send it to them instead of making them watch.

Wave Circles will be available for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Windows Mixed Reality on May 23. It also features LIV integration, and will remain in Early Access for at least six months.