Credit to: Nick D'Angelo

Locomotion is possible in virtual reality through treadmills systems, but what if you need to do something a little bit flashier? Weightless VR just could be the solution, combining a bungee system with virtual reality to turn you into a stuntman right from your living  room.

Become The One

Currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, Weightless VR is the brainchild of Inkmaster winner Nick D’Angelo. Weightless VR is installed on your ceiling, and provides you with the chance to fully lean back and bounce while playing games. For those with physical disabilities that limit their chance of moving normally in VR, the system should also make the process easier.

“Players can now dive to hit balls or catch virtual objects, all while knowing the bungees will bring them safely back to center,” D’Angelo said in his Kickstarter pitch.

D’Angelo also said the systems should allow you to mimic Neo’s famous bullet-dodging scene from The Matrix. If there is anything that would get us to affix bungee cords to our ceiling, it is that.

The Weightless VR system is designed to work with the motion-tracking technology already used in current VR headsets. It will also be compatible with VR treadmills, so you can walk normally before transitioning into a crazy stunt. The plan is for a separate system designed for esports to also be available. This will have increased functionality, including the ability to do complete front flips and back flips.

There is, of course, some risk involved in using a system like this. You could knock something over, depending on your play area. However, it uses the virtual boundaries system already in place for VR, so this should limit your chances of causing real damage.

Weightless VR currently has about 52 days left on its Kickstarter campaign, with a $30,000 goal. Those who pledge at least $399 will get the standard system, with $499 backers getting the Pro system, instead.