While VR workouts are fun and rewarding on their own, a YUR.coach can provide that extra nudge of encouragement some people need to start moving. It’s easy to join renowned YUR.coach streamers HeyFalcon_ and Carize as they workout in a variety of games with the YUR fitness tracking system.

A YUR.coach isn’t necessarily a top player in the game, but they remind us that top scores aren’t the ultimate goal. VR fitness is about having fun and keeping our bodies in motion for the sake of better health and wellness! You can participate in multiplayer mode or watch a YUR.coach via stream.

YUR.coach Carize, a passionate VR gamer and fitness afficionado, has been hosting Synth Riders Sundays since last year. Streaming is a great way to involve the audience and Carize is an expert. She’s engaging and entertaining, motivating viewers to stay active, try her moves, and enjoy the game.

VR gamers will also be rewarded with the Beat Saber antics of YUR.coach HeyFalcon_, who interacts with viewers as they select songs to challenge his stamina and skill. In turn, he encourages others towards their own health and fitness goals.

Sign up for the YUR.coach via the Workout Registration form and join the virtual community in multiplayer mode for games like Synth Riders.

You can also tune in with HeyFalcon_ and Carize throughout the 90-day VR Fitness Challenge as they encourage participants to stay in motion, watch the pounds come off, and discover other ways VR fitness improves their lives.