Exercising regularly can help you de-stress and refocus after a long day and will help to keep your body healthy and strong. 360-degree fitness videos are a great way to shake up a predictable workout routine without having to wear a heavy VR display like the Oculus or Vive.

You can view some really helpful fitness videos on YouTube with an HMD like the Google Cardboard, Daydream View, and the Samsung Gear. Or, if you’re at work or a place you can’t use an HMD you can simply watch these 360 videos on your smartphone or desktop as you exercise.

9 Minute HIIT Workout

Video Credit to: Valley Health Plan

This 360 video takes place in a beautiful tree lined workout space. The trainer will be explaining your workout and body positioning to you so your form is on point. The Movements icon will show you the exercises — 5 push-ups, 10 lunges, 15 squats; and the Active Muscles icon muscles show you which muscles you’re working on — deltoid, biceps, triceps, pectoral for the push-ups. The beginning is more of an intro lesson into good form and the real workout begins at the 4-minute mark.

3 Minute Zumba Workout

Video Credit to: Zumba Fitness

This is a quick way to get a quick cardio workout in if you have the space to dance and move freely. If you’re uncoordinated like the rest of us, brush it off and keep going! It’s the effort that counts. The instructor does a great job of motivating and explaining movements to you so you can get the most bang out of this heart-pumping cardio. Look or scroll around the virtual room for more immersion and inspiration — you’re in good company.

15 Minute Mom and Baby Workout

Video Credit to: My Life Well Loved

If you’re looking to get in shape after having a baby or you want more energy to keep up with your kids, this is a great 360 fitness video you. At the beginning, you’ll see the day’s workout posted right in front of you: thrusters, walkout push-ups, alternating lunges, Russian twists, baby toe touches, burpees, and a bunch of other exercises. There is a trainer in the video that will explain modifications and challenges that will suit beginning to experienced exercisers. Working out with your baby, literally by holding them as you lunge and sit up, is an intense physical challenge but a bonding experience as well.

3 Minute Boxing Workout

Video Credit to: fightTIPS

Get a workout in a real boxing ring with a coach who’s there to guide you and push you to do your best. The coach is there to throw punches and you’ll be making moves to block, move around, and fight back. He’ll be actively covering the full 360-degree area, so you will want to use an HMD while exercising with this video. This is a great mini-cardio exercise that will fly by and will have your heart rate elevated in no time. This is a great video to punch out your frustrations for those days where life gives you lemons to turn into lemonade.

4 Minute Leg Workout With Weights

Video Credit to: getfitover40

This weightlifter brought his Samsung Gear 360 camera into the weight room with him to show you how to do Tap and Go Squats in proper form. You’ll see him workout using lighter weights and increase in difficulty as he progresses. Use this video to motivate you to return to lifting or inspire you to try new weight exercises. Watch in various perspectives as the video progresses to see a full view of his foot placement and posture.

VR Fitness Possibilities

Exercise releases feel-good chemicals in your brain and keeps your entire body healthy. Carving out the time to do a 3-minute quickie workout or a longer series of cardio and strength training can help you stay on track with your fitness goals. Exercise to restore your energy levels, shed extra weight, gain muscle, and feel empowered to handle anything that life throws your way.