Credit to: Fit Reality

Think you’ve made real strides toward your fitness goals using VR technology? The #MoveMore challenge wants you to prove it in the world’s first global VR fitness tournament. If you think you have what it takes, you can sign up and start competing right now through September 26.

Show what you’re made of

Using the upcoming VR game VIRO Move, competitors in the #MoveMore Challenge tasks players with obtaining the highest possible score in four game modes. Boxing, shooting, sword play, and mixed weapons are all featured. After learning mechanics in tutorial mode, you will be given a limited number of credits to spend in the Free Play and Challenge modes. It’s in Challenge mode that you’ll be awarded a score out of 100 for the leaderboard. When playing the Challenge mode, it will be set to the medium difficulty.

In order to maximize your potential, you can choose to spend your credits over multiple sittings. The top 30 scorers will get a free version of VIRO Move, and the top 5 will receive an HTC Vive Headset — HTC Vive is sponsoring the event. The top 10 challengers will also be eligible for entry in the 2020 VR Fitness World Championships.

To participate in the competition, you must be over 18 and have access to a Steam account. The Vive, Vive Pro, Rift S, and Valve Index are all compatible with the software. A Vive Pro is recommended to run the game at the best possible performance.

Viro Move was designed specifically to exercise players without making it feel like a traditional fitness title. The four  include games use your entire body, all without ever having to leave your home. Your calories are tracked while you play, and a “hot seat” mode lets you quickly swap with friends to enjoy the game together. The game’s developers have include a list of the best movements for VR fitness on their website, as well.