While many might utilize virtual and augmented reality to play games and stay active, XRHealth is a company that has been looking to utilize the platform in recent years for therapeutic means. As of today, the organization has netted itself even more capital to now further this venture.

XRHealth announced today that it has acquired an additional $7 million in funding to continue to help “expand their telehealth platform to support more clinicians and patients for virtual/augmented reality therapy.” This round of funding, which was accrued from Bridges Israel, Flint Capital, and 20/20 HealthCare Partners, comes in the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, which XRHealth says is all the more important. Due to how many patients around the globe are currently isolated, telehealth solutions in the form of VR/AR therapy are much more ideal since they can be done from the safety of one’s own home, ensuring self-distancing safeguards are still being met.

“We are excited to join XRHealth which offers a comprehensive VR-based telehealth platform for healthcare providers, allowing them to treat patients both in clinics and at patients’ homes, making therapy continuous and efficient,” said Sergey Gribov, a Partner at Flint Capital. “This is a win-win solution for both care providers and its recipients, that became extremely relevant nowadays, as patients can get effective treatment without leaving their homes.”

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XRHealth utilized various VR/AR tech to help rehabilitate patients with a variety of different conditions. Through the use of certain applications or games that XRHealth has created, patients are able to help improve functions of specific parts of the body that have previously been damaged, regain use of motor or cognitive functions, or even learn to meditate more easily to help manage pain levels. Virtual support groups featuring other patients and healthcare workers are even offered through some applications that XRHealth has available.

“Telehealth has emerged on the medical scene as a crucial medium of care for patients throughout the world,” XRHealth’s CEO Eran Orr said in an accompanying statement with today’s funding announcement. “Virtual and augmented reality technologies offer a unique platform for patients to be treated since they are immersed in a world that is designed completely to help them heal. We have taken this a step further, by adding support groups and virtual clinics so that anyone can receive the care they need, no matter where they are.”

For more information on XRHealth, you can head over to the company’s website.