The newest application from YUR is going to change VR fitness forever. Seriously. The YUR PC application, launching in beta today, is the newest product from Cix—a figurehead for VR fitness—and the YUR team—a group of VR pioneers passionate about making gamers fit.

YUR in its prior state has arguably helped to revolutionize fitness in VR gaming already, especially in the rhythm game scene. Previously was a mod and an add-on to games like Synth Riders and Beat Saber which, if you happened to play both, required users to maintain separate iterations and installations. It also made updating the plug-in alongside the game necessary. Tedious, but worth the payoff: a plethora of caloric burn data based on biometrics like height and weight which players input themselves. Users could also join the official YUR discord to compare burn totals or participate in weekly playlists.

YUR believes that in the future gamers will become athletes and streamers will become coaches. All while using VR and having so much fun it doesn’t even feel like exercise.

The Future of Fitness in VR is YURs

Now: YUR has evolved into a standalone application that can become an overlay for any active game that you play in VR, even something like Tilt Brush. Let me say that again. YUR is now a standalone application that can become an overlay for any active game that you play in VR. This is huge news for several reasons. First, massive game coverage improvement will provide more comprehensive and satisfying activity tracking for users. No more feeling like you have to play supported games for your workout, you can play anything so long as you’re moving. Second, being standalone means no more game dependencies and no more breaking after game updates. Lastly, for those of you who play multiple games, such as both Beat Saber and Synth Riders, maintaining multiple installations of YUR is a distant memory.

Your Coach is Covered by YUR

The early access program will launch with flagship Carize the day of this article publication—so, now—and will continue to grow with streamers hand-picked by YUR. Carize has been passionate about health and fitness her entire life, holding two black belts and playing various sports for years. Going to the gym regularly has been a part of her daily routine most of her life. She’s also a gamer, and as such is drawn to the physical aspects and mental engagement while working out VR provides. She remembers the first time she put on the headset to play Beat Saber at the request of her friend Alex, who had used the game to lose a staggering amount of weight, “I was drenched in sweat, I knew it was a real workout, and as an athlete I knew how important that could be in changing the lives of my friends who mainly spent their time behind a screen immersed in games.” This moment ignited in her a passion for helping others meet their fitness goals and sent her on a journey that would eventually lead to YUR.

caption: Carize, the first, working out while having a blast in the hit VR rhythm game Synth Riders.

Carize will be revealing the desktop app for the first time today during her stream at 2pm PST/5 pm EST, which can be found here.

Like Carize, future streamer coaches will be VR fitness superstars meant to provide healthy insight to the YUR community, along with weekly and daily workouts. Watch your favorite streamer demonstrate—in mixed reality video—things like correct form, modifications, stretching, and warm-ups/cool downs before attempting the workouts and challenges yourself.

Research shows that social ties influence multiple and interrelated health outcomes, including health behaviors, mental health, physical health, and mortality risk. (2010) YUR provides you with healthy social ties via their fitness-focused community, and now with their inspirational coaches. This social accountability paired with the data feedback YUR is already known for combine to form a potent cocktail of self-empowerment and improvement.

caption: You can expect more mixed reality content like this from your favorite steamers on the new PC application now in early access.

Your accountability partner is now someone you already enjoy watching and interacting with and your workout partner is a community of like-minded gamers passionate about VR.  Your cardio is rhythm games and your leg day is a new game just released that you can’t wait to try. Your gym is your play-space and your equipment is your headset. All the data is at your fingertips, and the power to get fit is all yours with YUR.

Get YUR and Get Your Fit On

As mentioned before the Discord server is a great resource and community for all things YUR related. Here you can find installation guides, quick links, leader boards, and other VR fitness enthusiasts to share your journey with.

You can get the Quest app here.

To be given early access to the desktop app please join their Discord to request.

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