VR fitness company YUR wants to provide you with more ways to stay active, and the beta launch of its services on Oculus Quest and mobile should help to do just that. Now, users on the go can still track their fitness progress across all sorts of apps and games.

YUR personal workout experience

Available for download from Sidequest, the YUR Oculus Quest app is now in its beta stage. The app gives you access to your total calories burnt as you play games on the Quest like you normally would. It also includes a calendar to show which days you’ve met your fitness goals.

There are several ways you can sort your progress, and there is a leaderboard included. We all know there is no better motivator than seeing someone else get a higher score than you. The leaderboard itself can be sorted by day or week, and gives you an exact breakdown of your friends’ calories burnt.

Another neat feature is a full breakdown of your recent usage by software titles. If you want to see just how much better Beat Saber is for your workout than another game, you can view all of the data in one place.

“Gaming and fitness have always been our biggest passions, and we believe there’s a growing community of people who want to combine these two passions, as well,” said YUR CEO and co-founder Cix Liv in a press release.

YUR has already raised more than $1 million in pre-seed funding, and its integration into existing games seems to be the ideal solution for those looking to track fitness in virtual reality. Though certain games already contain calorie trackers, this data is limited to single titles, which doesn’t encourage playing a variety of games. Variety is important in all gaming, and a great way to keep yourself engaged in VR fitness