Health and fitness goals are more attainable with tools from YUR, a company that provides fitness tracking tools for use in VR games on all platforms.

The YUR tracking tool is easy to use after a required setup. Depending on the headset, users simply run the Steam app, which can run in the background with the Oculus Store. Or they can use the top rated app on SideQuest.

More information about how to set up can be found on the YUR wiki page. If you have any questions, please join the YUR discord server with over 12,000 others chatting about VR fitness.

You’ll also need to register for an account at and then prepare to play your favorite games.

You can also create an account on their mobile apps on iOS, Android, or at the YUR website.

Once the YUR app is installed and you’ve loaded the game you want to play, you’ll see an overlay with information about calories burned, estimated heart rate, leveling status, etc. Information about your workout can also be accessed via the YUR website so you can track your progress and see what you did on previous days.


Fitness fanatics or those who simply want to improve their wellness can also take advantage of the YUR.Watch, a virtual smart watch that was announced earlier this week. While all VR games can be played via SideQuest or Steam, the watch is being natively integrated into Quest games via updates. The following flagship games already have integration and users simply need to visit settings to toggle it on.

In order to connect the with YUR account, put the 6 digit PIN that the watch generates to or on the watch tab in the mobile apps.

Download YUR, which stands for “why you are,” and upgrade your workouts today. Set goals. Challenge yourself. Participate in the VR Fitness Challenge and take steps towards a healthier, more fit lifestyle.