Race through the streets against other cyclists! Credit to: Zwift

Cyclists looking to switch up their training routes are going to love hooking up their bicycle to Zwift. The Zwift bicycle system isn’t a true VR experience, but it does connect bikes with indoor training gear where cyclists ride solo or with a group as they train remotely and play games.


The Zwift system is compatible with Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac computers, Apple TV, and PC’s and requires members to already have a bike. Cyclists that need to track their back wheel with a classic trainer will need resistance and power meter sensors, while smart trainers will already come equipped with these. 

Classic trainers will need a speed sensor attachment but smart trainers already come with sensors. Cyclists that don’t want to fuss with adding extras will want to spring for the deluxe Hammer Direct Drive Bundle at $1,260 or the more budget friendly Magnus Wheel-On Bundle for $630.

These trainers are what give each ride resistance during braking and smooth road conditions during pedaling. The trainer and sensors work together to track and mimic your exact cadence and speed while on a ride, so road warriors can pedal on without a hitch and get accurate readings of each route they tackle.

Zwift Companion App

Looking at the game’s dashboard. Credit to: Zwift

The Zwift cycling system is used along with the Zwift mobile app so you can view in-game routes, personal riding data, and use it as a controller to interact with the game as you ride along zig zag maps like the Alpe du Zwift. The app’s dashboard collects important data like speed, distance, elevation changes, times, cadence, and heart rate.

Aside from your pumping legs, one of Zwift’s mobile app features is to act as the game’s controller and activate PowerUps like score bonuses and unlock gameplay features like Aero Boost to make you more aerodynamic during a ride and makes training more fun and interactive. Riders can even connect with and message other Zwifters for a group ride or to keep each other accountable for training sessions.


No more boring laps on the stationary bicycle staring at the gym talk box! Zwift has 3 cycling courses with diverse routes that they rotate every month on their Course Schedule. Riding through Watopia, London, or Richmond will take you on rides full of pretzels and hills, it’s your choice! The courses are diverse and exciting for beginner cyclists to stay on track and is both challenging and customizable for seasoned cyclists to train hard and see results with.

Zwift has an active community of riders that post daily events on what can be thought of as an internet Meetup for cyclists. If you’re up for the challenge of riding along with others, you can try out different intensity levels that range from A to D, with E being open for all levels. As you pedal you’ll see yourself racing past other players in real time or as you push past the struggle of an incline and over hilltops.

Participating in daily events is an effective way to stay on track with your fitness goals and can be great for cycling when you can’t travel to famous routes on a moment’s notice or if the weather takes a turn. Their daily cycling events have varying start times and ever-changing routes, so busy Zwifters can catch a social cycling session when they’re available.

Check out a quick snippet about Zwift below.

Hitting The Road

Can’t make it to London and live too far away? Want to experience the evolving Watopia map or see the sights of Richmond as you zoom past other cyclists? Zwift is bringing smart cycling to Android and iOS smartphones, as well as Macs, PCs, and TVs with a monthly membership. Zwift isn’t virtual tech but it is bringing a smart fitness and training solution to cyclists and active folks around the world.

Which cycling course or ride, real or invented, would you like to pedal through on Zwift? Let us know down in the comments!