There are 3 very important fitness game updates that our readers must know about. The following game changes to Knockout League, CREED: Rise to Glory, and Sairento VR will help fit gamers squeeze more sweat out of their VR workouts.

Knockout League Updates

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Doug Johnson’s gym is soon getting a new training DLC ($2.99) — the heavy bag! Knockout League fans previously had the focus mitts, speed bag, Reflex Alley training, and boxing matches. Now, fit gamers have a much needed heavy bag to help them train for fight night…or day.

In boxing gyms, heavy bags are hit in 5 major areas: the top, middle, near the bottom, and on the left and right sides. The game’s heavy bag is perfect for shadow jabs and flurries to the face and body, uppercuts to the gut, and hooks to the temples, obliques and rib cage.

KO League also got a southpaw update for lefties in the Focus Mitts area (Free). In June, the cartoon boxing game wiped their Reflex Alley and Focus Mitts leaderboards clean. So if you haven’t played since then you’ll need to earn a score again. Stamina Mode Hard got a leaderboard so you can see how you stack up to other players.

Focus Mitts and Reflex Alley got more modifications that allow for tweaks in gameplay options like no body blows, no voice, and no dodge. The two training areas got Stamina Mode difficulties like Easy, Normal, and Hard difficulty levels added as well. Lots of fitness-focused updates from Grab Games that will change training for Knockout League.

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CREED: Rise to Glory Updates

The long-awaited game release of CREED: Rise to Glory landed September 25th with a powerful PvP mode update, reports VR Focus. Leading up to its release, Survios announced that PS VR players would be getting an exclusive character added to the game — Rocky “The Pride of Philadelphia” Balboa.  

Going from single player to having an option of playing against a friend or a random person is a genius addition. So many boxing games are single player only and are missing the social aspect to their games. Boxing with real people turns up the competition and intensity of the matches and workouts with real-time punches from actual people instead of NPCs.

Road to VR got the scoop that over 500 VR arcades are going to have CREED: Rise to Glory available for guests to play. The Virtual Reality publication also clarified that only Steam and Oculus would have cross-play, leaving PS VR players to box among themselves.

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Sairento VR Updates

Just last week, Sairento VR got a graphics and performance update that will lead to more enjoyable gameplay, Road to VR reports. Cyber-ninja assassins now have remastered locations like the Shrine, Lab, Warehouse, Cemetary, and Hall. Extending the update to Corporation, Train, Arena, and Observatory too. Ninjas can also expect Street, Alley, and District patches to drop in the near future.

In February, Sairento VR and Mixed Realms celebrated its full release and is chock full of gameplay choices like a single player campaign and arcade modes, as well as multiplayer co-op and PvP modes. In July, VR Fitness Insider reported that Sairento VR got a weapons pack DLC that hooked ninjas up with the Kigiri, Kusarigama, and Slugger ($3.99). It even brought along Hiro as a playable character.

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