5 Things Your VR PC Needs (For Fitness & More)

Get your best VR experience ever with these top tips!


A lot of people are talking about VR these days, but how to properly setup your VR experience isn’t really something too many of us are aware of. Sure, you know how to make the computer and we also covered what you need to have a good experience, but what do you absolutely need besides a VR headset, some games, and a VR PC?

1. A Large Hard Drive

AAA VR games tend to be massive in size, which is a lesser talked about aspect when dealing with VR games. Your average VR games are likely to be a couple of gigabytes and nothing more, but you are equally likely going to want to download several kinds of VR games. This means you are going to need a lot of space on a hard drive in order to download them all.

2. A Back Up

We are in unknown territory with this technology and giving so much control to a developer, one should be weary about the data on their machine. While it isn’t likely to happen, ill-formed code by a novice programmer could easily act as a virus on your computer. Likewise and an even more likely possibility, if you go with games on forums one could easily download a virus instead of a VR game if they do not have the sufficiently knowledge ahead of time. For this reason, having a back up is essential for dealing with this situations.

3. Extension chords of nearly every kind

In order to make sure you can have a VR room, you need to obtain an extended version of the chords that will come with the VR device. It is highly unlikely that you will have a room where you can have adequate space, with adequate chords, in the same room as where your computer is. It is more likely you will need to have extension chords so that you can go into a separate room altogether due to the fact that not only will you need the extended chords for the headset, but you will have to extend and deal with the current sensors that come with many VR devices and these can add up quickly.

4. Camera Mounts

The sensors that you buy usually don’t come with mounts of their own that fill the needs of your specific VR Room. Therefore, it would be a wise decision to purchase camera mounts in order to hold the sensors in their various spots for the various games. We’ve already talked about how the games out right now require different sized rooms contained by sensors, but you will likely need camera mounts in order to compensate for this continuous area change.

5. Options


While we all have our favorite platforms, at this early stage or VR, it would be really foolish to only try one HMD and none of the others. This is especially true in light of the very reasonably priced PSVR and downright inexpensive cost of the Google Daydream (not to mention all those $20 versions made in China that are popping up in your local convenience stores). If you’re using VR to enhance your fitness, then you really need to have more thanb one HMD or one game–that would be like going to the gym and only using the cable crossover for every workout. You know you have to hit the free weights, pec deck and preacher curl machine! Our advice is to try as much of the VR universe as possible. There’s a lot out there, but if you aren’t experimenting, you’re not getting the full picture, and isn’t that what VR is all about?