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Scaling your fitness routine is all about creating a workout that works for you. Your body type, your energy levels, your endurance, your overall fitness. A scalable routine is something everyone can do at their own pace, and still achieve their major milestones and goals.

Everything from the game you play to the difficulty and the challenges you face contributes to VR fitness scalability. The goal is creating a game routine that gets you motivated to play, keeps you engaged enough to feel the burn while working your body at pacing that feels comfortable to you.

Let’s dive into some of my favorite titles for scalability. I’ll show you what makes the game fun to play, and how it scales with your body and your technique.

Let’s rock!

The Thrill of the Fight

Let’s begin with my personal favorite title in VR, The Thrill of the Fight. You’ve definitely heard us talk about it and you undoubtedly know what makes it great. It’s an incredible fitness tool, it’s fun to play, and among many boxing titles, it’s the one that feels closest to the real deal.

Credit to Ian Fitz (fyiandev)

So, how do you scale it for someone who’s never set foot in the ring?

Easy! You begin with the fundamentals. Let’s hit the speed and heavy bag, working on our timing and our strength. I’ve outlined some goals to shoot for in my fitness challenges for every level of play.

From beginner to advanced, The Thrill of the Fight truly has fitness benefits for everyone.


What do you do when boxing isn’t your style? You hit the BoxVR gym to work a bit of rhythm into your game! BoxVR offers custom playlists based on your music collection, alongside routines tailor-made to suit any style of play.

Scale your routine by tackling challenges that work on each side of your body. We recommend weighted vests as well. They help work your core during the game’s squat obstacles, and they help give your workout a boost.

The hidden tech, so to speak, is using BoxVR as a primer for another element in your routine. This game offers a slightly slower-paced rhythm challenge as opposed to a Synth Riders or Beat Saber style experience. With BoxVR, you can warm up to dive into any of the other games on our list. It’s one of our most recommended workout titles in VR.


New to the scene, but no less critical to a scalable routine. Audica is a rhythm shooter (yes, that’s a thing now) that will put your shoulders through the wringer. This title is one of the easiest to scale on this list because of how demanding it can be.

Players must hold their arms straight to shoot at incoming targets properly. Dropping the shoulders decreases your score and makes it harder to aim. In a game where precision and timing are critical, you need to build arm strength to keep your scores high.

Because of its physically demanding gameplay, you will quickly find scaling is no issue. I like this title because it feels like you’re growing as you play it. You start with maybe two or three songs before you can’t move. By the end of the week, you’ve made it to seven or more.

You can also mod Audica to give yourself a more challenging experience than the vanilla and to play the songs you know and love. Audica has a great vanilla selection, but it wouldn’t be a rhythm game without some custom beatmaps.


Holopoint and its sibling Chronicle are archery titles that test your skills under pressure. Before long, the number of targets grows to epic proportions with projectiles and samurai flying from every direction. Assuming you can live that long.

Credit to: Holopoint/Alzan Studios

The title is naturally physical, even without my fitness hacks. We’ve covered some of the methods we use to hack Holopoint, but Chronicle adds more diversity. Its early state leaves a lot of room for improvement, but the different enemy types offer a different kind of depth from the previous title. You need to engage your awareness with some of the enemy types, and the full room scale experience is pumped up to 11 on certain maps.

Holopoint remains a classic title for VR fitness heads, and worthy of anyone’s collection. Its built-in scalability couples well with any squats challenge, with or without the weighted vest.

Hot Squat

Finally, we come to Flynn Fitness where the neon is working harder than you are. I’m not sure there is a story to Hot Squat other than git swole. It’s a simple title offering an arcade-like experience, and it’s the perfect compliment to any squat routine.

Hot Squat
Credit to: Bean Boy Games

Before you don the weighted vest, make sure you figure out how the game works first. Especially working the hands, those are critical to success (they really aren’t).

Scalability in Hot Squat comes down to survival. You need to learn how to squat quickly in a particularly challenging section at the beginning, but you need to squat frequently throughout the routine. Fortunately, the routine doesn’t appear to change much, so you can memorize the patterns quickly. After a few sessions, you’ll either be ready to call it a night or pumped to jump into one of the other titles on this list.

So, what’s your favorite fitness title to scale your routine?