For now, you can find everything you need inside the Beat Saber Mod Manager.

The Beat Saber hype train is rolling along steadily now that PSVR users are finally getting a taste of the action. Following the 2018 holiday season, the loudest clamoring from the broader Beat Saber playerbase has been a call for official multiplayer support, though Beat Games has not delivered anything just yet.

That said, Beat Saber would be far less prolific in the VR games industry if not for the existence of its beloved modding community. If you’re playing on PC VR, you can track everything important across Beat Saver, ScoreSaber and BeastSaber, and thanks to said modding community, yes — there’s even multiplayer.

Luckily, the setup process is simple and easy as there really aren’t that many steps to getting everything together and ready to go. Here’s how you can get started playing multiplayer Beat Saber as well as begin playing with custom songs, custom sabers, and other modded goodies.

1. Take a visit to the Beat Saver website ( and hit the Modding tab on the top right corner of the page. Click on the Mod Installer link. You can also join the Discord chat room for news updates, custom content, and general mingling.

2. Download the Beat Saber Mod Manager from the GitHub page that appears in your browser window.

3. Open the Beat Saber Mod Manager and you should see a window that looks like this after the list finishes loading. Make sure your Beat Saber install path is correct and set to the latest version of the game.

4. Navigate down the list to Gameplay Changes and check the box next to Unofficial Beat Saber Multiplayer. Install as many other mods from the list as you’d like. I recommend installing all Libraries. Any mod you’d like to install has an information panel under View Selected Mod Info. When you’re ready to install your build, click Install / Update.

The next time you load up Beat Saber, you’ll see all of your installed mods working properly. If you run into any issues, the Discord community is quick and helpful, and I recommend that you join it.

Currently, the Beat Saber multiplayer mod isn’t completely foolproof. Servers (or hubs) are remotely hosted by players, and you may run into scenarios where other players drop out on you mid-song due to performance drops and lag. I ran into a series of issues trying to connect to the same room with my friend, to the point where we both called it quits for the night. Be warned!

Have you played with the unofficial Beat Saber multiplayer mod? Let us know in the comments.