Credit to: VRsenal

Beat Games and VRsenal are debuting the Beat Saber VR machine at IAAPA 2018, which is the first time the rhythm slasher and fitness game will appear in North America since it first dropped in arcades throughout Korea and China.

IAAPA kicks off November 12th in Orlando, Florida and lasts until November 16th, which gives guests plenty of time to see the VR arcade machine in person starting on the 13th.

Beat Saber VR Machine

Arcades of the past have attracted guests with arcade cabinets and pinball (the 80s), skee-ball and other ticket crunching machines (the 90s and early 2000s), and now have a hit VR game to delight visitors! Beat Saber’s Beat Games and VRsenal have designed an arcade cabinet that looks straight out of the future and is attendant-free.

The dual collab will be at IAAPA Attractions Expo this week demoing their 30 square foot Beat Saber machine. Location-based entertainment (LBE) and VR venues scouting for immersive, active, refreshing, and profitable attractions for their guests will love experiencing Beat Saber for themselves.

The VR arcade machine takes just 30 minutes from “shipping pallet to fully operational” and doesn’t require any experience with VR to assemble it. The machine cabinet has a sturdy steel frame, eye-capturing neon aesthetics, and has 80-inch 4K screens protected with strong windshield glass. It also comes with a holographic title that floats and rotates above the machine.

Players that have never worn a VR headset before will get to wear the top of the line HTC Vive Pro. Gaming hardware like HP computers with Intel i7 processors, Nvidia GTX 1080 graphics cards make it a powerhouse gaming experience. Fitted with the new Vive Pro headset, the machine is secured with a lightly tethered retraction system and ticketing for entertainment venues.

“VRsenal’s design and execution of the Virtual Arcade Cabinet perfectly reflects our goal of making virtual reality approachable, accessible, and entertaining,” said Jenna Seiden, LBE lead for Beat Games. “Beat Saber appeals to a mainstream audience, to anyone who likes rhythm, music, songs, or dance, and we want both existing and new fans, as well as our operator friends, to have only the best experiences when playing our game.”

Beat Saber is an Active and Social VR Game

Since Beat Saber’s release in May of 2018, it has sold over 50,000 copies in the first week, 100,000 copies in less than a month, and is expanding its community by the day. As I’m writing this there are over 900 players on Steam slicing cubes and getting a killer workout in.

PC VR players have been clocking in hours with Beat Saber because it’s so exhilaratingly fun, but also to their fitness benefit. Kevin Williams played it and lost 32 pounds, while Robert Long lost an astounding 138 pounds and Bill Lindsay dropped 90! VR history was made when Virtual Athletics League (VAL VR) hosted an impressively massive Beat Saber Tournament with over 100 arcades participating and a swell of players taking part in the event.

Ben Davenport, Founder and CEO of VRsenal enthusiastically shares our viewpoint that Beat Saber is an active and social game. He says, “People from every imaginable demographic love to play this game, and they love to watch their friends play.”

“It’s super social, and when you combine our compact, fully-automated Virtual Arcade Cabinet with a brilliant game like Beat Saber, operators are going to see significant revenue-per-square-foot numbers beyond anything ever witnessed in the LBVR space.”

“We fully expect the Beat Saber Virtual Arcade Cabinet to be remembered as VR’s PAC-MAN moment. In other words – this is VR’s killer app.”

On November 8th, it was announced that PS4 and PS VR players will also be able to buy Beat Saber starting on November 20th, according to the PlayStation.Blog. The PS VR version of the game will have 5 exclusive song titles and beat maps (10 more expected), with mods, sabers, and a pausable practice mode that PC VR players do not have (just yet).

Where to Find the Beat Saber at IAAPA 2018

You can find VRsenal and the Beat Saber VR machine at Booth 3886 from Nov 13-16, 2018.

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